If Arsenal fail on quality targets should we Panic buy squad players?

Arsenal have become rather prone to failing in the transfer window, so rarely does a summer or winter go by where Arsenal fans have a genuine smile on their face.

For the past few years Arsenal’s transfer windows have been full of disappointment. We lost Adebayor and Toure in 2010 and both were key players in our team. We lost Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy in 2011, again all three were key players in our team and arguably all top quality. Then last year we lost Robin Van Persie and so we were stuffed. Luckily we have bought some good players over these windows where we lost key names however none of them were up to the standards of their predecessors and so as fans we have been left with nothing but disappointment.

We have failed to achieve what was possible and now it’s got to the extent where this summer was meant to be the year we didn’t lose our best players and we signed several big names to strengthen us greatly, yet we have once again disappointed as of this moment. It’s led to panic from the Arsenal fans and sometimes panic quickly spreads to club, like we saw two years ago after the 8-2 thrashing at Old Trafford.

But Wenger has made it very clear that he will not indulge in the transfer window like that this time around stating:
“We will not panic buy, that is for sure. It is not my strength to panic. The players we have here know how we want to play the game, and that is important. If we can add players who can integrate that style of play, we will do it. We will not do anything stupid, for the sake of saying we have done something. We do what makes sense, that is simple.”

Although I agree with the fact that if we can’t sign anyone reasonable, we shouldn’t just throw our money on just anyone available that could maybe do a job at Arsenal because that’s a risk that will not only be scrutinised and slaughtered by the fans for saying that’s the type of quality we buy (Park anyone?) but also because those players will quickly turn to deadwood.

Wenger’s got a real issue on his hands and with anything unlikely to happen on a match day, it means we have just one final day to make something happen.

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2 thoughts on “If Arsenal fail on quality targets should we Panic buy squad players?

  1. The 14 players that played yesterday is basically all we have. Whilst fabianski martinez vermaelen arteta diaby frimpong zelalem ryo gnabry chamberlain sanogo and podolski are all considered first team players they are either injured, too young, too inexperienced or lacking the quality to hold down a regular place. I will leave you to decide who fits what problem, but some of those 12 tick more than one. Therefore I expect wenger to add a minimum of 4 players today, if he can find some “homegrown” players too it might be more or he can add some foreign talent if they were born 1992 or later. I then expect that many of the aforementioned 12 will head out on loan and depending on a defender or two signing so could jenkinson.

  2. Team too thin with the long term injuries. Without the injuries, it might be alright but hugely risky. Forget about Sanago, he is just someone taken up for the future and not related to games.

    Flamini is the only real signing for games his arrival should have solved the problem for defensive midfield and back four. I still prefer a young player who can be deployed for RB to take over from Sagna in a few years time. No rush for that though.

    There is a need for improvement on Goal keeping. The signning should be done long ago but still its better late than never.

    I count Flamini as defensive cover and no.3 in case Arteta and Ramsey both goes down. so there is a need for attack/creative midfield. Carzola, Roisky and Jack is are filling two spots. Carzola is drafted for left front and Wilshere is down so his role is taken by Ramsey. Flamini takes over Arteta’s role and there is NO reserve!!!

    The answer to this seems to be Ozil… and the one Pardew’s unhappy about.

    Same for the front three. Left front is now shared between Poldolski and Carzola and one of them is down. Right attacker and lone striker are both left with no other option.

    The answer seems to be Benzema and Di Maria… with other names mentioned.

    Do not know if Wenger can pull that though.

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