If Santos is unhappy Arsenal fans must be suicidal

It looks like Arsenal are lumbered with the grinning fool that is Andre Santos for another season, after the Brazilian club Gremio declined to make his loan move from the Gunners permanent. The 30-year old showed once again how little he understands or cares about the Arsenal fans by moaning about his plight.

“Gremio had an agreement with Arsenal and I had to return.

“I wanted to stay. Gremio were fair regarding everything. I felt well there and I wanted to win a title before leaving.

“Unfortunately there is no deal and I had to return to Arsenal.”

Here’s a thought, Andre, if you had played a bit better you might have got the move you wanted, or even got a few more games with Arsenal. The reason Gremio did not want you is because you are not worth the money. Four appearances in six months at the Brazilian club suggests that he did not exactly wow them with his ability, which is not surprising after his woeful performances in an Arsenal shirt last season.

Arsenal are the losers here because we are still paying his hefty wages. There is next to no chance that Arsene Wenger will be able to find a buyer for him, even if the club are only asking for a fraction of the price we paid the Turkish club Fenerbahce for him a couple of years ago. Hopefully Arsenal can send him out on loan for the season, because we don’t want him around. Wenger must be reminded every time he sees him that not all transfers go according to plan. Having just got rid of Sebastien `the Squid` Squillaci, the last thing he wants is Santos back. Those two are surely in the worst Wenger transfers of all time.

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One thought on “If Santos is unhappy Arsenal fans must be suicidal

  1. Can we not just do what we did with Denilson and cancel his contract by mutal consent no one is stupid enough to pay any money for him he is terrible just get him of the wage bill.

    We have shifted Denilson, Squallaci and Arshivan that 200K a wege off the wage bill or 10M a year dont the toliet

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