I’m not sure Arteta is able to drag Arsenal out of the mire

Everyone is talking about Arteta like he was a messiah

Mikel Arteta may be the next Arsenal manager, if stories on the internet are to be believed. Almost every website has been reporting our some Arsenal staffers were seen leaving Arteta’s house by 1am on Monday morning. If it is true that senior members of the Arsenal football club were seen leaving Mikel’s home as early as that time, then we can safely assume that he is the selected one.

Well, if Arteta gets appointed, I will not kick against it, but I strongly feel Arteta is not the right person for Arsenal. For crying out loud, Arsenal needs to splash the cash and go for a world class coach who has won trophies with clubs. We don’t need a prospect; we need a coach who has really coached a top team.

Mikel Arteta should try coaching a club with lower expectations, gather experience and then he can come back and apply to be coach of Arsenal. Hiring now simply because he is as assistant coach at Manchester City, may not favour us in the long run.

Do we really think Emery was that bad a coach? Do we think Emery will not dust his credentials and succeed at another club? If I am to be honest with you guys, Emery was never meant to have been appointed in the first place because a team who were trying to get out of a crisis, needed a coach who had rescued other clubs from crisis – and Emery never fitted the bill. Now, we are about to make the same mistake if we hire Arteta.

Arsenal right now need a coach who can steadily steer the team back to previous heights, and after Arsenal have sorted out their current crisis, they can then go a coach like Arteta to probably bring back the winning attitude from the team.

Like I mentioned earlier, Arteta is not my first choice as Arsenal coach but if he were to be hired, I will have no choice but to support him. Not because I like him but because he is manager of the club I love with all my heart. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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2 thoughts on “I’m not sure Arteta is able to drag Arsenal out of the mire

  1. I strongly believe Arteta will do better than Freddie but this team wont get us in top 4 even 6 will be a miracle. I strongly doubt that Man City will let him go. I have noted many times the Head Coach seems to rely on him a lot in decision making whilst on the bench. Definitely he is the pillar of the coaching team.

  2. Do we really think Emery was that bad a coach? YES he is bad. Do you need rocket science? He insisted to play from the back when the defenders were not comfortable with. Every opponent know this weakness and the clown kept doing it…

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