Is Chamakh on the same planet as us?

The Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh was photographed smoking a Sisha pipe after the Gunners 2-1 defeat by QPR at the weekend, but even worse he was celebrating with one of the players that scored for Arsenal’s opponents during that game!

He is earning 70,000 pounds a week for doing very little but sitting on the bench, but Chamakh still seems to think that when Lukas Podolski arrives at the Emirates next season he still has a chance of getting in the first team.

Chamakh was reported as saying: “Am I going back to Bordeaux? For now, no. I have spoken to Wenger and I will stay at Arsenal. I think he trusts my work and I will have opportunities in the first team.

“I left Bordeaux to improve as a player and I think I can continue for this club. My agents have been ordered to reject bids that come from other clubs because I want to prove I can be useful for the Gunners.”

Is he living in cloud-cuckoo land, or is he just happy to be drawing his (massive) wages and go out partying with his mates every weekend?

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8 thoughts on “Is Chamakh on the same planet as us?

  1. Chamark is good bt as a player he needs to prove to wenger n arsenal fans dat he can stil deliever when ever is cal to play with podoski coming in he must wrk hard to retain his place or ther other way round

    1. He’s not good. Never has been, never will be. He’s a striker who can’t shoot and doesn’t have any creative instincts. At one point he had a high work rate and now even that has gone. Worst Arsenal striker since Francis Jeffers.

    2. No he’s not good
      He is crap
      He needs to go,
      Are you even on this planet, he needs to be in championship at best
      Wake up

  2. he actually looked good when he came on against QPR , had some nice movement and a few good touches .

  3. Sm1 shud wake him up he doesnt evn knw wt to do on the field. So sory a chance to b better ya dt is on d way thru shisha pipe he’s enjoying. Nd ya it do tk a hard work to go out nd hv a party as on field he cnt do anythng.

  4. the only thing i think hes capable of delivering is pizza for the next time we play man u. sorry but as soon as it comes to him everything breaks down. maybe unfair cos he was bought to convert crosses, but he trys running with the ball rather than spreadin it to take recieve a cross. atleast thats how i remember him. its been so long since ive seen him play thank god!

  5. although i av heard he only doesnt get a game as a direct request from our groundstaff. cos if he touches the ball once with his head, he deposits so much axle grease on to the pitch it leaves snail trails all over it. they av to spray it with swarfega after every time he plays….adds to our slick passing game tho

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