Is it fair to blast Arsenal star for inconsistent form?

At the start of the season Arsenal were written off by the pundits almost instantly and even more so after our disappointing opening league game to Aston Villa at the Emirates, which we lost by three goals to one. The pundits and media alike called crisis for Arsenal, whilst the fans could only sit back and watch what seemed to be another disastrous start and seemingly what was going to be a very poor season.

However things changed very quickly and just a few weeks later, Arsenal had announced the record club signing of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid in a £42.4 million deal. The deal broke not only records but expectations as well as Arsenal’s chances were suddenly very much favoured. Then soon after seeing what Ozil could do, and Arsenal’s high run of form, the media was forced to shut up shop on their anti-Arsenal analytical approach and were suddenly praising the club with all guns blazing.

But unfortunately the season has taken another turn, and once more Arsenal seem to enduring a tough time in their tricky schedule. Consecutive defeats to Napoli in Naples and City in Manchester have seen Arsenal concede eight and score three, a real slump considering the form we had previously seen from the Gunners. A little spat between Mertesacker and Ozil caused more concern of a breakdown and suddenly the media were once again on Arsenal’s back, this time with former Liverpool legend, Michael Owen making the statements.

Speaking on his matchday blog, and then in a report picked up by the Metro UK, Michael Own said: ‘Arsenal don’t have the class of player to go toe to toe with the main title contenders Despite people constantly telling me Mesut Ozil is world class, his inconsistency means that we only see occasional glimpses of real quality. His odd good performance is usually followed by half a dozen poor ones.’

Owen seems to put the majority of the blame down to Ozil, who before now has very much been the main man in the spotlight besides Aaron Ramsey. His high price tag has been mooted around as being a disappointment considering his recent form and although there is no doubt the German international’s form has dropped in recent weeks, this shouldn’t be anything more than a blip. The attacking midfielder, who is world renowned as one of the world’s best, has already shown us the quality he has and I’m sure although people are beginning to get on his back, the 25 year old will soon return to the class act we have already seen and with some luck, maybe he will be able to help fire us to the glory that Owen seems to think Arsenal cannot achieve.

Has Owen got a point or is it just more of the same old rubbish from him?

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