Is Mignolet now the main Arsenal transfer target?

In light of the lack of talk regarding QPR goalkeeper Julio Cesar and his supposing never ending transfer to the club, it’s come apparent to me for some time now that there is probably very little truth in the reports from a few weeks back that seemed to confirm that genuine negotiations had taken place between representatives from all three parties. I was pretty certain there was some form of truth in this rumour, simply because so many media outlets and sources were confirming the news. As of now it seems like it wasn’t meant to be and so the most recent reports regarding goalkeepers surrounding the potential interest in Simon Mignolet.

Sunderland and Belgium International goalkeeper Simon Mignolet seems to be another option for Arsene Wenger’s side and has been recognised as a real potential candidate to fill the goalkeeper role that many fans feel needs to be one of the areas we need to prioritise and address. I don’t feel the same way on the goalkeeping issue, and although I recognise that perhaps we need to add competition to Szczseny, I feel that in the long run our current number one has all the qualities to succeed. So in that aspect I’d prefer an older, experienced and cheap goalkeeper that can provide a competitive stance at the club, which is basically Julio Cesar.

But back to Mignolet and its been reported that Sunderland are quoting a £9 million price tag for their Belgian shot-stopper, but with Liverpool and other European clubs also interested from Italy and Germany, it won’t be easy for Arsenal to strike a deal, that is if there is genuine interest of course! I like Mignolet, I think he has a lot of good qualities and has the right level of experience now in the Premier League to be a very successful goalkeeper for Arsenal if he does come to join the club. Who would you prefer to join Arsenal this summer?

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6 thoughts on “Is Mignolet now the main Arsenal transfer target?

  1. lol

    but it will be a good signing

    patience guy because juventus will not pay the money(i read)

  2. I think the cesar deal is a done deal. However with fabianski and mannone both looking likely to leave plus arsenal have also released charles-cook and shea whilst only bringing in 1 youth keeper. It could well be that 2 keepers join the club this season. I am not ruling out mark schwarzer who could be an ideal signing for a season whilst szczesney and martinez get some regular football on loan somewhere.

  3. Wenger be serious 4 once. City now have Fernandihno and Navas, wenger has touched on over 17 players, starting from Ashley Williams

  4. we are all tired of wenger excuses, he should go out there and some quality players who are capable of wining trophies.

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