Is Piers Morgan the reason Arsenal are stuck with Wenger?

Unless Stan Kroenke and the Arsenal board have a major turnaround in the next few weeks then it looks like Arsenal fans will be stuck with Arsene Wenger as the manager for one more year at least, for better or worse. But why are the Gunners willing to keep putting faith in a manager who has consistently failed to challenge for the title in over a decade of disappointment?

I have seen various theories, ranging from the old favourite about Kroenke knowing he is on a good thing as we keep getting into the Champions League without spending money to the suggestion that Arsenal cannot find the right man to replace him and are worried about us hitting the skids like Man United did with David Moyes.

I have just formed my own theory after reading the latest fevered dribblings of our shareholder Piers Morgan in a Metro report. Always willing to give his thoughts without knowing much about a subject, perhaps the fact that Morgan is always calling for Wenger to be sacked is working in the opposite way. His latest rant came about Wenger’s advice towards our new midfield star Elneny to be more intelligent in choosing when to shoot.

Morgan seems to think it is a good idea for our players to shoot on sight, even if they are not strikers and do not have a great strike rate. I personally think a good theory to live your life by would be to do and think the opposite of Piers Morgan, so could this be the real reason we are stuck with Wenger?

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5 thoughts on “Is Piers Morgan the reason Arsenal are stuck with Wenger?

  1. Elneny is a very good player. He has the right attitude playing for Arsenal. It is no good playing right angled passes and playing triangles in front of goal. If a player has a clear sight of the net then he should have a pop at it. Poldoski was like that and that’s why Wenger moved him on. Wenger wants tippy tappy goals.

  2. Please blame everyone but wenger. It’s never his fault. It wasn’t his fault we didn’t get Suarez, higuain, cavani, or aubemyang.

    I personally feel that arsenal’s situation under wenger is the only thing I have ever agreed with that piers Morgan has ever said. Unfortunately the guy is dead right and makes valid points when it comes to the Wenger conspiracy. On talksport last week he said that while elnenny is certainly a very competent player, we should have done more in the summer and then the January transfer window because this year the premier league title was ours for the taking. Once again wenger failed and will not realize any consequences or accept responsibility for his failure to compete. Instead, Arsene wenger would rather blame the arsenal fans.

  3. Do you think the reason why out players dont have such good strike rates is because they never shoot?

  4. When a manager tells players not to shoot, it insinuates he has a plan..Unfortunately this is not the case..we have a manager that tells players what not to do, but hasn’t got a clue when it’s time to tell them what they should be doing. This is why match after match the players take to the pitch with no tactics, and no idea how to change when plan A fails, as it all too often does. Morgan is not the reason Wenger is still Arsenal manager..that’s down to his ego and stubborness, and the boards greed and indifference towards the fans.

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