Is the Arsenal Way the right way!

Gazidis and Wenger have been discussing transfers with the media an awful lot in recent weeks, perhaps it’s because we are all starting to get on their backs about what exactly is going on!

Whilst Wenger disagreed with Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis last week about Arsenal being ready for the season on the transfer front, it seems that Gazidis now wants to have his say about Arsenal’s spending plans, in a bid that is sure to frustrate Arsenal fans even more.

Speaking to the media, Gazidis was quoted by the Daily Mail stating: “We would not be successful if we simply went out into the transfer market and tried to outgun our competitors.

“We’re run in a self-sustaining way, and a way that we believe in, because we believe it gives us certainty for the future, and enables us to plan our future with confidence.

“That means we can’t afford to make huge mistakes in the transfer market. We can’t afford to outgun competitors that have far more money to splurge on transfer fees than we do.

“So we have to be very careful, very selective about how we do things.”

To put it into quick and simple terms Gazidis is saying that it is not possible for Arsenal to try and win the race for a player’s signature based upon finances alone, because when we are up against the biggest European clubs, we cannot compete financially.

I can understand what he is saying in that it isn’t the Arsenal way to spend big. The club has always looked towards developing our smaller investments into bigger and better players and despite wanting the odd world class transfer every now and then, I’m proud of the way that Arsenal doesn’t splash endless amounts of money in the transfer market.

For Gazidis to state that Arsenal cannot afford to compete with our competitors is surely a small white lie as it is well known knowledge that the Gunners are now more than financially capable after paying off the stadium debts.

Spending ridiculous amounts of money on fees and paying substantial wagas like Zlatlan’s £300k is not the Arsenal way and I’m pleased that the Gunners didn’t end up giving into those kind of demands. It does unfortunately mean that the club cannot always attract the best players but if the intentions and ambitions of the football club are strong enough, then money doesn’t always matter to everyone. Do you really want Arsenal to spend endless amounts like City, Chelsea and United have in recent years?

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