It is more than just a good start now for Arsenal…

Arsenal have gotten off to a very good start this season, excelling expectations in both the Premier League and Champions League. The Gunners may have faltered in the Capital One Cup, however the club’s respective positions in the other two competitions more than make up for it.

At the start of the season and after the 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa, nobody expected Arsenal to be in position we are in. However after beating German super club Borussia Dortmund and regaining our position at the top of the champions league group of death, Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp has taken expectations even further to suggest that Arsenal could go as far as to win the Champions League.

Klopp said in his post match interview: “They could win it – as long as they don’t play Bayern Munich. They are young, healthy and good technicians. They won a clever game tonight.”

I personally cannot believe that we are doing so well in both the Premier League and Champions League, so to suggest that we could go onto win Europe’s greatest club competition seems a little bit far fetched to me, but it doesn’t make it impossible. It’s not an impossible task but it needs a pinch of optimism.

Next up for the Gunners is Manchester United in the league at Old Trafford. We need to have full concentration and belief that we can win if we want to take away all three points because although United have had a bad start they are improving. It’s the last of the Gunners tough tests of this period and if we can walk away with all three points after wins against Liverpool and Dortmund, then we can surely the race for the Premier League fully in our stride.

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