It’s about time Arsenal beat Crystal Palace – Let’s do it today

Another 3 points today will be good by Lagos Gooner

Hello Arsenal family. Today is another match day and we are looking forward to another Premiership victory against Crystal Palace, to further aid our movement up the table. So, here we are as Arsenal fans, waiting patiently for another 3 points. I smell confidence in the air.

Last season we played Crystal Palace in the Premier league twice, drawing one and losing one at home. Crystal Palace in the last two or more seasons ago, have been difficult opponents for big clubs to beat. Last season, they beat Manchester City at the Etihad and beat Arsenal at the Emirates to confirm their Premiership survival. This season, Arsenal played them in October and drew 2-2 to them. We have found it not easy playing Crystal Palace recently, and when we consider how poor we have been away, it won’t be out of place to nurse negative thoughts in your mind.

However, there is one thing I have learnt in football, and that is never to predict the scores of a game based on previous games. Football is dynamic; things change rapidly in football and a defeat against a team today does not mean another victory for the team tomorrow. Yes we are going to be playing them away, but who says we can’t beat them in front of their fans? We have beaten them in the past in front of their own fans, and it won’t be new if we do so again. What we need at this time is to be positive and play them like we are out to devour them.

They have big, physical players who can trouble any defence at will, but then we always have big players who can also be physical if properly motivated too. The players need to realize that Arsenal has lost a lot and need to start recovering lost points and move us further up the league table. During Emery’s time at Arsenal, we played so poorly anytime we played away and as expected, many fans lost the believe in the team to win a game away from the Emirates. However, with the renewed spirit and passion in the team right now, there is nothing stopping us from acquiring the full three points against Crystal Palace. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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