Jack Wilshere desperate for Muamba to get better

The emotional Premier League experience regarding Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba continues as Arsenal’s midfielder Jack Wilshere has admitted that the defensive midfielder was like a brother to him when Wilshere went on loan at Bolton.

The Arsenal hotshot ended his statement regarding Muamba with a sentence bound to make everyone’s hairs stand up as Wilshere gave a sign of desperation telling everyone to keep praying.

“When I went to Bolton on loan, I was just a kid moving away from home.

“I knew Fab from the Under-21s and I will never forget my first day.

He showed me around the training ground, introduced me to everyone and basically looked after me.

“If you know him, then you will know what type of man he is – a leader and a genuinely nice guy. Everyone keep praying!”

It’s shocking that things like these happen to young talented fully fit football players, and everybody’s certainly shocked for the events that happened in the game against Tottenham. Another Gunner, Ryo Miyaichi, will surely tell us all about the incident as he saw it up in close from the Bolton dressing room. It must have surely been a traumatizing experience and hopefully Muamba, who was also a gunner at a certain point, will get back on his feet in no time.

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9 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere desperate for Muamba to get better

  1. Always rated fabrice and never wanted him to leave the club. However that is now insignificant i am just so pleased to hear that he is showing signs of improvement. Hopefully he will make a full recovery and at the very least stay in the game somehow, our support is with him. Block 13 EiE

  2. Watching him play in bolton’s midfield has always been a joy thing for me… He always showed signs of a leader as an arsenal youth team player and did not hide it in bolton since he moved from arsenal… I remember his tough battles with Cesq Fabregas and I must say that he is one midfielder that helped toughen up the former arsenal captain (fabregas) …I personally wish him a quick recovery… Common Muamba!!!

  3. No singular incident ha united footallers all over the world than this. May all the prayers from everybody, Fabrice will b okay in the mighty name of God, Ameh. He will play again and soonest in Jesus name, Ameh

  4. His life is in solely in the hands of the medical staff and this is what gives me such great hope. I can only reitterate what a Bolton fan said i.e. if he he never dons the shirt again all i want is for him to be ok. He is a young man with qualifications (3? A levels) and can easily take on a degree course. Keep fighting Maurice.

  5. I read he is now speakin and moving his arms and legs..thats great news we have been waiting 4. I hope in the next 24hrs we will hear another step 4ward news

  6. I and my family will keep you in our prayers, may the almighty God see you through and heal you.
    Get well brother we are proud of you as gunner fans.

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