Jack Wilshere Injury News Update – Things Are Not So Grim

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger declared that Wilshere’s season with the Gunners is not over, despite the setback suffered by the young midfielder.

According to the Frenchman, Jack can still be back in time to play with England at the EURO’s, but not as soon as February. The manager thinks it will take at least another 6 weeks until he’ll be ready to play again.

“I feel for him and, of course, he wants to be in the big tournaments,” said Wenger. “I believe as well, he wants to play for Arsenal. He grew up here.

“Who would want to do that (write off his season)? I don’t want to and he doesn’t want to. But there is no reason either, if he is fit. If we have good news and he can move on, why should we do it?

“I am really disappointed for him as well, because he is a football animal. I am so sad that, at that age, you have to be out for such a long time with not any obvious reason.

“If you had have told me that Jack would not have played one game by February I would have said, ‘That’s impossible.'”

It’s impossible to play at the end of February,” added the Frenchman. “Even if we have some good news, I would say that’s impossible.

“From day one, when you are completely fit to practice again, to be match fit you count at least six weeks.

“A stress fracture is a stress fracture. The repetition of the impact on the ankle was too much. They tell me that 70 per cent of players between 17 and 20 have stress fractures.

“We push them hard. You want them to be completely at the top when they come back because the intensity of the game is so high that a guy who is not tuned in completely cannot come in and perform.

“The physical requests are so high so the rehab is much harder than when I played certainly.”

Wilshere declared on his personal Twitter account:

“It is true I have had a set back I can’t tell you how long I have been set back because I don’t know! I am very annoyed but will stay strong.”

It’s a shame that a player as good as Wilshere has to go through this, but if he’s going to come back at the beginning of March he still has time to both help the club and return to full form so he can be called up at the national squad for the Euros.

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6 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere Injury News Update – Things Are Not So Grim

  1. I want arsne wenger to leave arsenal this january, reason is that a seven years without any trophy and wenger is not a professional coach in any ways

  2. In terms of sheer football quality and raw natural skills and swagger, The Great Jack Whilsere is miles superior to Cesc Fabregas. That’s my considered opinion. I cannot wait to see him back for more creative football currenrtly lacking in this arsenal side. Jack, ramsey, arteta and song can destroy any team any day. Up! Gooners

  3. It is pity,that jack wilshere having a setback,i can’t wait to see him playin,i luv u jack,i pray u wudn’t have any set back again.

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