Jack Wilshere is feeling good and nearly back to his best

The Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has slowly been regaining his fitness and speed, and although he was a bit over enthusiastic when he got sent off at Old Trafford, he thinks that it won’t be long now before he returns to his former glory. And with Arsenal currently dropping further behind in the bet365 latest football odds for the Premier League title, Wishere is now needed badly!

The England star though admitted that he was a little worried when he first returned to the squad. Wilshere said: “I’m quite surprised actually. When I first played in the under-21s, I was really rusty and I think it was clear for everyone to see.

“Everyone was just being nice to me saying: ‘You played well’.

“Now I’m feeling better and better as every game goes on and there’s no hiding place when you’re playing at the Emirates, at Old Trafford and you’re in front of everyone. You have to be at a certain standard so you don’t let your team-mates and your fans down.

“Mentally it has been tough because you question yourself all the time. You go to the Emirates, you watch games and you think: ‘Has it got quicker? I don’t remember it being this quick. Can I get back to this level that I was at before?’

“But I feel good now and hopefully, with a few more games, I can get back to my best.”

Once Jack returns hopefully the Gunners will start moving back up the table with a run of wins, starting with Tottenham this weekend! If Wenger and Wilshire DOES turn it around, then you should keep your eyes on the football betting via Twitter @bet365.

Onwards and Upwards!!!!

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