Keiran Gibbs – I am now ready to play every game for Arsenal

The Gunners had a terrible January when every single full-back was out injured, but they are all now back to fitness and ready to play at last.

Kieran Gibbs has had a torrid time every time he got into the first team and has gained a reputation as a sick-note, but now he has got a few games under his belt he is now convinced he can have a good run of consecutive games for Arsenal.

He was asked if he could now tell if he wasn’t at full fitness and he said. “I think that was the case after my first game back,”

“We were playing a few days later away at Sunderland and I realised then that I wasn’t ready to play again so soon. I thought that something would happen because I hadn’t recovered quickly enough.

“I was better for it [missing the Sunderland game] because I came back in for the next game against Tottenham and now I feel like I can recover quicker and play consecutively.”

The thing is that now he is fit, so is Andre Santos! So it will interesting to see who Wenger makes as his first choice on a regular basis. Although Gibbs thinks he can now play all the time, we all know that until he has a good run Arsenal fans will not be convinced he isn’t still injury-prone.

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6 thoughts on “Keiran Gibbs – I am now ready to play every game for Arsenal

  1. Unfair to say 22 year old is injury prone. the body is under so much pressure whilst still growing that some players still find development occurring at 25/26 many injuries can be attributed to growing and when that stops the body starts to settle down and strengthen. i think gibbs has been unlucky he is a slivhtly built person so that makes him more proned to slow development. hopefully he can learn to understand his body and work in tandem with santos who is almost the opposite of gibbs. he too needs to understand his limitations for one who has a large frame. the two could rotate the position and even bring in a third player like pedro botelho to share the work load. between the 3 of them they could play around 60 matches next season which would be a feally good thing for all 3s careers and afc. england and brazil could also benefit. lets not forget all 3 are capable of playing left wing as well

    1. Utter rubbish. Look through the winning teams such ‘as Man U. Part of the reason they win is because their best players can do 50+ games a season. I wonder how good they would have been these last 5 years if evra and the like were in some ridiculous squad rotation system like your suggesting…

  2. Santos over Gibbs 100% not because Gibbs is made of straw but because he’s simply s better player

  3. Santos would always be prefered over Gibbs because of his age and experience…even his physic do count…lol

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