Merson blasts CLUELESS Arsenal in UCL

It looks like the job of commentating on Arsenal Champions League games for Sky Sports is not good for the health or the sanity of former Gunners star Paul Merson. For the second game in a row the TV pundit was left fuming and exasperated by Arsenal and he blasted the players and tactics as being clueless.

It was hardly surprising really after we somehow managed to throw away a three goal lead against Anderlecht. There was a bit of bad luck as their first goal was clearly offside and we were cruising at that point. But as Merson said, we still had a two goal lead at home and should have just shut up shop.

THe former midfielder was scathing about how the current players like Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla kept pushing forward and leaving Flamini on his own to help our dodgy defence. That was highlighted by Arsenal having five players on the edge of the Anderlecht box when the Belgian side hit us on the break and scored their third in the last minute.

Clueless is about right and it is another worrying sign about the chances of the Gunners hetting anything out of this season. There is even a chance now that we might not get out of the Champions League group.

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