Nicklas Bendtner’s selective memory of his Arsenal career!

The famous Danish international Nicklas Bendtner has watched Arsenal fans celebrate the new contracts awarded to Thomas Rosicky and Per Mertesacker, and the clamour of opinion wanting Bacary Sagna to extend his current deal, but no-one seems to care that his own contract is set to expire this summer!

On the contrary, most Gooners can’t wait to see the back of the big-headed immature pain in the ARSEnal! It is not so much his lack of committment to the Arsenal cause when he actually got a few games, it was the way he conducted himself outside the club. We can all remember the first time he was caught with his trousers down on his way out of a nightclub….

Since then he has had a few drink-driving incidents, including smashing his car up driving home one night: plus a few more nightclub incidents, once famously when he came out of a Copenhagen club when he had told his club he was recovering from injury, and then tried to get a free pizza! And of course how many times has he turned down clubs because they weren’t in the Champions League (or wouldn’t pay him what he THOUGHT he was worth) while he believed he was good enough for Barcelona….

Remember his time at Sunderland where he actually scored 8 goals, before going to Milan and scoring a big fat ZERO, and he opened his big mouth and said things like: “I will never go back to Arsenal. If I can have it my way, I will never play for them again.

“After my car accident I never really got the chance to earn a spot in the first team. That is over one-and-a-half years with no real chance to prove myself”.

Well it seems that Bendtner himself remembers very little of all this, and is now desperate for Arsenal to offer him a new contract. He said, “I have been very positive and I feel I have shown every time I have played that I want to play there. I don’t think I have ever like pulled my socks down and been like `f*** this, I don’t care`, but I have played like I had a future there, and I am going to continue doing that until the end of the season, then we might part ways.

“I will have no hard feelings I have had a good time there, and if it does finish for us, then I am going to be a bit upset, but that is football, that is life.

“I have, for example, talked to clubs who say they have heard this or that story about me. So I have to tell them that it is not true. Of all the things that I have been associated with I have only done one thing wrong and that was in Copenhagen [where he was arrested for drink driving]. Regardless of this I have, bit by bit, in people’s eyes been made into a psychopath.

“You have to try to stay professional about it, I work for myself and if I do get the chance to play, then I am an Arsenal player still and I will do everything I can to help the team, which is what I have been doing. It is hard, though, when you feel like you have something to contribute, but do not have the opportunity. But I know the situation I am in and if that has an effect on why I don’t play, then that is up to the manager.”

So his reputation is all just in other peoples minds, and he has been a model proffessional all his life? Pull the other one Nicklas!

Enjoy your next career in the Danish Second Division if you can even find someone to employ you there…..

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One thought on “Nicklas Bendtner’s selective memory of his Arsenal career!

  1. Oh come on u r making his antics sound all joey Barton or tony Adams like.

    Fact is he hasn’t taken drugs, killed anyone, committed gbh, hurt anyone, forged money, hit taxi drivers, stolen property, or been in prison, offences all committed by previous arsenal players including some legends. he still has a goals per minutes played record better than henry wright or bergkamp.

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