Ozil and Di Maria on their way to Arsenal?

Ozil and Di Maria on their way?

The transfer deadline day for summer 2013 has finally arrived and for Arsenal it didn’t look entirely promising however things have seriously heated up overnight, as Arsene Wenger has been listening to a bit of Daft Punk and has stayed up all night to get lucky!

Soon after the North London derby was concluded, which by the way was an absolutely fantastic game to be present at, Tottenham announced the sale of Gareth Bale to Spanish giants Real Madrid and suddenly it sparked a surge of movement across Europe. Arsenal entered advanced negotiations with Real Madrid over the signing of Germany international midfielder Mesut Ozil according to the likes of BBC and Sky Sports, whilst other independent sources state that the transfer is all but concluded aside from a pending medical, which shall take place tomorrow.

This is a massive shock on the cards, with many fans believing we had left it too late. But also much to our surprise, Ozil, has supposedly chosen Arsenal over Manchester United for one reason only, money! Now although this shows he may be no different to the likes of Nasri, to suddenly stop and consider Arsenal offered a better wage package than United is the most surprising thing for years! It’s understood Ozil has been offered £7 million a year, whilst United only offered £5m. The player isn’t interested in PSG.

Alongside Ozil, several independent sources also state that Wenger will make a deadline day move for Ozil’s teammate Angel Di Maria however he is less confident of landing this deal. Again some sources state this deal is completed to the same stage of Ozil and both will be announced tomorrow, pending medicals, however because of the lack of reliability regarding Di Maria, this could be a bit farfetched.

It’s a real shock on the cards and Wenger has absolutely smashed his budgets by entering advanced negotiations with Ozil, with the valuation supposedly at £40m! May I tease you by saying Ozil has 87 assists in the last three seasons. I seriously hope this doesn’t all blow up in our face by this time tomorrow! Fingers crossed Gunners!

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6 thoughts on “Ozil and Di Maria on their way to Arsenal?

  1. Think this is smart business for many reasons but primarily because Ozil and Angel can play as many as 3 different attacking positions each. plus it also will allow Cazorla to move about the front line and may allow us to play Theo upfront on his own if we were chasing a game like say Bayern last yr. That is ofcourse if we did not sign another striker but I think Theo upfront is the next logical step in his development. Im dreaming here but Theo upfront with Santi, Angel and Messut behind him supplying countless through balls at Old Trafford, bridge or Anfield- it will be unbelievable. Oh yes and then theres Jack and Aaron in midfield- wow that first 11 would be Kick Ass but still its a dream for now.

  2. I don’t believe the Di Maria link but I have virtually been up all night with excitement regarding the Mezut Ozil deal. Unfortunately, Marca are saying that Madrid do not want to sell and Sky are now reporting that Man. Utd. are now making moves. My fingers and toes are crossed but I think that it will be a massive coup if we pull this off. Hopefully we have a back up plan and also a plan for a striker as we are a bit light up front if we get another injury. C’mon you Gooners.

    1. Nothing looks sealed, cos we have been here a̶̲̥̅̊ whole lot ƒ times before and what makes it different?

  3. If Arsenal buys those two guys it will be good additional to the current squad let us see what will happen tonight

  4. @Magambo, you were doing well there until you mentioned putting Walcott up front. lolololololo The man is dirt when it comes to playing up front.

    Ozil would be a good signing but usually we don’t sign any player we’re publicly linked to so I am not building my hopes up. I think Suarez, Torres or Dzeko are likelier.

  5. is this not a false rumour,i didnt beleive this,bcos wenger a very wicked and stingy coach,he is annoying as a fans.he is a failure and fool over 9 years no trophy and he feel comfortable.pls. he shld spend is last season and go

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