Ozil gives Wenger a BIG headache in the Arsenal midfield

Arsenal fans were last night left ecstatic with the news that we had managed to pull off surely the biggest Premier League transfer of the summer in signing Real Madrid and Germany international Mesut Ozil!

Gareth Bale’s move to Madrid yesterday spurred a massive turnaround from Arsenal in which we were trying to sign both Ozil and Di Maria. It’s understood that Madrid had the choice between Di Maria or Ozil and rather surprisingly Madrid chose to keep Di Maria and so as a result Arsenal ended up conducting the second biggest British transfer in history!

With Ozil joining the Gunners for a reported £42.5m according to several sources such as Sky Sports and the BBC, it’s shown that Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis, as well as Stan Kroenke according to the pair, have all pulled out their fingers in showing some ambition and finally broke Arsenal’s wage structure.

On a rumoured 7 million euros a year, it works out at around £130/140k per week, according to the Express, which isn’t actually as much as I was expecting.

But the main factor is that Arsene Wenger now has a serious midfield headache. Ozil is surely a starter at every opportunity he is available so he takes up one spot on the team. I fully expect Cazorla to remain on the left wing at Arsenal now, but perhaps the pair of them will rotate throughout the match in the sense that sometimes Ozil may be out on the wing.

Then in the more central and defensive roles, Wenger must choose two players of Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arteta and then of course Diaby and etc., when fit. At the moment you’d have to say that Rosicky is dropped to the bench despite some fine form, but I hate to think of the problem when Arteta returns. It is a much better problem to have than not having enough, though.

It’s going to be a tricky decision for Wenger with so many talented midfielders at Arsenal, but my midfield trio would be Wilshere and Ramsey, with Ozil playing in front of the pair. It would offer lots of creativity, tricky footwork but also good defensive attributes. It seems to be a winning combination, just a shame we are going to have to wait so long to witness it. What a terrible time to have an international break….

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15 thoughts on “Ozil gives Wenger a BIG headache in the Arsenal midfield

  1. “oh no! I’ve got Ozil and I’m going to get a headache” said Wenger. pfffft. IT’S NOT A PROBLEM – IT’S THE SQUAD YOU MOANED ABOUT HAVING

    1. You are completely right man and Wenger knows how to use the player that’s why he always say a good player is a player can play in many posts. Now we have to let him be and do his job.

  2. Cazorla to left wing, Ramsey to holding midfielder. Jack or Thomas partnering Ozil. No problem there 🙂

  3. I would not even bing in Arteta in DM I would use Flamini Arteta was a Stop gap measure because we did not have better for that holding role. I would Bench wilshere. Ramsey has proven his worth lately. Wilshere is hype. Ozil is what wilshere should be. I would still look for one more CB option with TV out still for awhile we are thin in defense. I would have given Ozil the number 10 off Jack’c back as he was never a player that lived up to the Label the number implies. Jack is a good young player and great addition to the team since back from injury but NOT even on the same planet as Ozil.

  4. By far the best midfield trio is Ozil, Cazorla and Arteta. There is no better combo and this is final.

  5. i agree with you.ozil,ramsey and arteta is the best mid-feild trio.people may disagree but i thinh wilshere is over-rated.his passing range is limited.

  6. Not one mention of Flamini, LMAO.

    It’s actually Wenger has to choose ONE out of Rosicky,Wilshere, Arteta, Ramsey, Diaby to partner Flamini.

  7. I love the idea of Ozil, Cazorla and Arteta in mf Flamini to help our defender we can not use jacky anyway season long I have good feeling that we can win something this season we just need consistency and our support behind the squad. I hear some fans are still after Wengers head even I am not fond of his transfer policy but I think right now squad needs our support and I will give them that and think that we should show some respect to Wenger also and do not be treat him as a second hand manager.

  8. what about this?
    sagna Per kos gibbo
    (arteta/ramsey ) wilshere

    ozil carzola

  9. You are not getting it ….

    …..FAMINI …with MK8/AR16/TR7/JW10

    AUTOMATIC starters are Walcott, Ozil, Cazorla, Flamini, Arteta

    Everybody else is rotated, Flamini will play every game he is available for … FACT.

  10. The situation will really get interesting when Diaby returns and hits top gear. Ozil can play on the right; that’s where he often played for Madrid, through the middle as an AM and also on the left. He is a left footer. The only automatic starters in this team will be in defense. Wenger likes stability and continuity but he will have to do a lot of good rotation this season.
    The most stable team, which he will likely use in away matches especially in Europe will be Scez, Sagna, Per, Koz, Gibbs in defense; Flamini, Arteta, Ozil, Walcot, Carzola and Giroud. This offers the best stability and balance between attack and defense.In home matches Ramsey, Wishere, Ozil, Carzola, Walcot can start. With effective rotation and barring injuries, this team will be hard to bit. From what I have seen of the new keeper, sentiments and favoritism apart, he can easily dislodge Scez.I wish we had acquired one top striker.

  11. A few thoughts on Arsenal.

    I think Wenger should start flamini (perhaps make him captain) because he organises the midfield so effectively as we saw against spurs. Whether he starts whith Walcott, Ramsey or Arteta is of no consequence as they will be rotated by Wenger. When Ox/Pod returns I suspect we will see few games with both Santi and Ozil starting as Wenger wont risk injury to his two prized possesions.

    I can see one of Suarez, Rooney and even van Persie joining us in January as they’re all unhappy at their current clubs, though I would prefer Aguero. Wenger should have tried harder for Cassillas, just imagine how he would have helped Scezny develop.

    Arsenal to fight for the title with Chelsea and City. Man. Lpool and Spurs fight for 4th.

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