Ozil: I expected a drop in my Arsenal form…..

To be honest I’m not too sure how Arsenal fans are expected to react to the lastest utterings of our 42million man Mesut Ozil. He was brought in as a talisman that gave us the confidence to fight at the top of the League table a few weeks ago, but the Gunners have dropped away in direct relation to Ozil’s drop in form figures. Could there be a definite link there?

I guess the German is used to a winter break from his time in La Liga and the Bundesliga, but surely he knew there was no such thing in the monster that is the Premier League. Anyway, the superstar himself is not bothered by either his drop in form or the critic’s reaction to it.

He said: “I don’t care. They wrote something different three weeks ago and they will do it again in another three weeks. That’s part of the business in England. Almost every new player needs time to adjust in the Premier League. That’s also what Jens Lehmann said recently. The challenges here are completely different. It was obvious that I would fall into a sort of limbo because I missed the whole pre-season. There were also times where I was not satisfied with my performances but I overcame this now.”

Hmmmm….Did you get over it by sitting on the bench for a while Ozil?

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One thought on “Ozil: I expected a drop in my Arsenal form…..

  1. The reason arsenal are where they are at the minute is because got injured. The sooner hes back the better

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