Is Stan Kroenke the worst owner in the Premier League?

Here’s one shocking news about Kroenke’s financial support of Arsenal

Football business reporter Swiss Ramble has just revealed that Stan Kroenke hasn’t put a penny of his money into Arsenal for the past five years.

The Gunners have developed a reputation for being one of the most prudent teams in the Premier League.

Arsene Wenger was regularly blamed for his refusal to spend the cash when he was the club’s boss and the Frenchman improvised by developing players.

One of the reasons why fans wanted him gone was the lack of quality signings, it has now emerged that Wenger wasn’t just being reluctant to spend money, but the money was hardly there to spend.

Since he left, Arsenal seems to have been more active in the market for big-name stars, nevertheless, the club’s owner hardly spends his money on the team, unlike some other teams.

While teams like Chelsea have enjoyed their owners splashing their money on the club, the report reveals that Arsenal hasn’t been spent on by Kroenke, rather, the club even paid his company for services rendered.

The report confirmed: “Arsenal received no funding in last 5 years, either from Kroenke or the bank.

“In contrast, they made £101m payments (debt £40m & interest £61m).

“Also paid KSE [Kroenke’s company] £6m for ‘advisory services’.”

Arsenal getting closer to signing Emi Martinez replacement

Arsenal’s GK Replacement close!

Reports on Sky Sports suggest that we are close to signing a replacement for the departed Emiliano Martinez. We are so close in fact that he could be here in time for our evening kick off against West Ham on Saturday, that is of course if he signs and then is registered by midday on Friday.

Our attentions now seem to have turned to Dijon keeper Runar Alex Runarsson a 25-year-old Icelandic footballer who has been at the Ligue 1 side for two years.

Seeing as Brentford seem set that they won’t be selling David Raya to anybody, although it has been reported by David Ornstein that we could go in for Raya and then he would return to Brentford on loan, but that of course would defeat the object of buying him.

So, here are Alex’s last season stats below:

Ideally, we would like someone with zero errors leading to a goal and someone that has clean sheets in every game during a whole season, but even world class Manuel Neuer would struggle to hold those records in the Premier League and every other competition throughout a whole season.

If Arsenal do go out and sign him then I would argue, why don’t they use Matt Macey and try to bring him up to the standards that Martinez was at, seeing that Macey is 26 years old and knows pretty much how the club operates. But of course having just two keepers at the club wouldn’t be enough if one was to get injured, and selling one of the two best keepers the club has had in a long long time, would automatically force you to have to go out and buy, as we are now seeing.

Here’s hoping that whoever we do get in as our new goalkeeper will not be just a panic buy because we have let a talented, passionate and experienced player go as arrangements to keep him had fallen through. Gooners?

With five fit central defenders, Arsenal are good to go!

Hello Gooners. How do you do?

The good news I heard today is that Mustafi and Soares are back in training. I am so excited about this news because it means we can now concentrate on building our defence for now and for the future. With five fit central defenders, we can now enjoy the luxury of choosing our most inform players. Mustafi most especially, is why I am so happy. He has been playing so well in recent games and I feared a lengthy lay off caused by injury, may derail his good form.

A team without a good defence is not a team. Such a team will concede cheap goals and lose vital points. Great teams of yore succeeded with the help of a solid defence line. At Arsenal, we have been struggling with our defence for a while now; but with Arteta’s arrival, the team is starting to play like a good defensive unit, which is such a good thing. However with the availability of five fit central defenders, Arteta can have the right players to call to play defence. No more using midfielders as defenders, as he would have more than enough players to choose from. If Arteta can bring out the best in all the defenders at his disposal this season, we may not be in desperate need of defensive reinforcement next summer.

Arteta’s obvious choice against West Ham will be Mustafi pairing Luiz at the back but in case he may wish to tinker with his choice of players and try other players, he would have Mari, Sokratis and Holdings to choose from. Any of these players can do a good job if called upon because they are good defenders who just need the motivation to play with all hearts. Who can remember how Holdings was our most inform defender sometime last season? If he was that good then, he can still be good again; all he needs is regular play time and self believe. His long injury lay off may affect his game as expected, but with regular playing time and adequate and healthy training, he will be back. If the manager feels Mustafi is not ready yet to play against the Hammers, he may just decide to make use of Holdings or even Pablo Mari.

From all indications, our players are starting to come back from injuries and with their presence, the team can be competitive again and push themselves to succeed. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

Stop comparing Arteta to Emery!

Hi my fellow Arsenal fans. I may seem a little angry through my write up; I may sound blunt and I may sound unpleasant. But one thing I won’t do is to keep quiet while people use every little opportunity to criticize a man who is trying his best to create an impact. We lost to a team in the Europa league and we were dumped out from that competition, but does that make us a failure? Does it make Arteta a failure; no it doesn’t, does it?

After the game, some fans were seen displaying all manner of banners, asking Arteta to leave the club alone. Some even went as far as comparing him to Emery, our last coach before Arteta. They said Emery got Arsenal to the final of the Europa in his first season at Arsenal, while Arteta got us dumped out of the Europa in the round of 32! Well, yes Emery got us to the final, but did he lead the team to glory? No he didn’t. So, why mention the name of a man who led us to a final and got us a beating from our brothers from the other side of London? Emery had a full season to prepare for the Europa final, Arteta has just been here for barely 5 months. Pray tell me, what sort of miracle were we expecting from the young manager? In the Premier league, he is doing well and with the way he is going, he may just make Arsenal a title contending team next season.

Have we forgotten how we all wanted Emery out of the club earlier this season? Despite his modest achievement last season, we still wanted him out! We didn’t spare him from criticism, rather we pushed him out! So, if we wanted Emery out that desperately, why do we now compare him to Arteta? Are we thinking at all?

Now friends, let us chill a bit and allow Arteta learn from his mistakes and improve on his managerial skills. We knew who we were getting when we went for him. We knew the number of years of experience he had before he went for him. We were surely aware of whom we were going for; so can we just chill please.

Finally, can we just think about this? If most of the players at Arsenal prefer Arteta’s pattern to Emery, then they must be something they see in Arteta, that they would want us to see too. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

How far the Mighty Arsenal have fallen this season…

And there goes the dream fading away by Lagos Gooner

Hello Gooners all over! I am still in a great shock: I can’t possibly think of any reason why we lost to a spirited Olympiacos team. A match I felt we were going to win effortlessly became the match that broke my heart, once again! Who is going to console me right now? Who is going to console the billions of Arsenal fans all over the world, who felt winning the Europa would catapult them into the UEFA Champions league? What is going to happen next to my darling Arsenal? Wow! How are the mighty fallen! The great Arsenal is finding it difficult winning the 2nd tier UEFA competition.

Earlier this month, I did a piece on two things I want from Arsenal this season. I said I wanted us to qualify for the Champions league and I wanted my uncle to fulfill his promise of sponsoring me on a trip to see the Emirates stadium live! Arsenal by failing to qualify for the round of 16 games in the Europa, have limited their chances of qualifying for the UEFA Champions league, next season. Let me say this here; in as much as I believe in miracles, I don’t believe Arsenal will end the season in the top four. To be honest with us all, Chelsea and Manchester United are doing better than us in the Premier league and I don’t see them not finishing higher than us in the league. Even if Manchester City is to miss the champions league next season, we still have teams who will finish above us, at the end of this current Premiership campaign. We have Leicester city, we have Chelsea, we have Man United and of course, we have Wolves! All these teams will surely finish higher than us unless a miracle happens. Arsenal sadly, just threw away the only real chance they had of qualifying for the UEFA Champions league. It can’t get worse, can it?

However, I still believe Arteta is doing a good job, despite his obvious lack of experience at the highest level. A coach like Mikel Arteta should not been thrown straight into the hot zone! He is not experienced enough to steer a big club like Arsenal with high expectations, out of trouble. Rather, he should have been hired at the start of a new season, where he can start a campaign and plan it his own way. What I am trying to say here is that, with Arteta, we won’t qualify for the champions league this season, but next season will be better. I still feel bad about the loss but I will be fine. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

Aubameyang makes positive noises about ambition

Pierre Aubameyang, our highest goal scorer last season, has been in the news since the beginning of the year. He began the year on a bad note with his sending off against Palace in the early weeks of January, and from there the transfer rumour mongers did everything to destabilize the team with stories and rumours about how Barcelona were interested in our top scorer. Thank goodness the transfer window ended with our main man still an Arsenal player. I was one of the fans who always hoped Auba would remain in Arsenal for a long time, even though I know every player has a price and if a club was ready to meet Arsenal’s asking price, then Arsenal would sell Pierre.

Now, the transfer window is done and dusted with; the focus now shifts back to the Premiership. With clubs fighting to play in various European competitions and clubs fighting to retain their Premiership status come end of this season, the league promises to be intriguing and suspense filled affair. The competition level amongst clubs and footballers is something that makes the English Premiership the best.

Among clubs, winning of silverware and qualifying for European competition, is what matters. But for the players, personal achievements like winning the golden boot and the player of the season, is what makes a season successful, although some players will sacrifice their individual glory for the team’s goals. Aubameyang will be striving to end the season as the highest goal scorer, just like he did last year.

However, in a recent publication by (, Aubameyang reiterated his desire to end this season as the highest goal scorer once again, but he would however prefer Arsenal achieving their target than him achieving his.

Asked whether he had his eye on a repeat triumph in the Golden Boot race, Aubameyang said: “Yes. Why not? First of all I always say the most important is the team and our targets.Then if I can be top scorer it’s cool. For the moment we try to get some wins and that’s the most important.”

What Aubameyang said, is what an average footballer will say no doubt, but why I am kind of excited over what he said, is because he spoke like somebody that was dedicated to the course of the team. He sounds like somebody who is really bothered about the team’s lack of progress, despite his amount of goals. He could have kept quiet about the team’s predicament when he was asked the question, but he choose to reiterate that he would rather work for the team’s ambitions, than his.

Aubameyang has spoken honestly from his heart and all I ask is for the rest of the Arsenal team to flow along his line of reasoning and play to their best to help the team progress. Auba’s words sound like the words of somebody who is not thinking about his own future yet, but rather is thinking about helping the club achieve theirs. Who knows what may happen at the end of the season? If Arsenal qualifies for the UEFA Champions league, Aubameyang will be one of the happiest players on earth.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

Can we just forget about Emery and move on now?

Two months after Emery has been sacked, what he has been getting are bashings and bad testimonies from both his former players at Arsenal and from sport pundits. Unai Emery came to Arsenal with a good coaching record. In his first season at Arsenal, he went 22 games unbeaten, while beating Tottenham in the process and drawing against Liverpool, who later went on to be Champions league winners. He really tried his best to make Arsenal competitive and they were. We played in the final of the Europa League and only lost to Chelsea because we gave them so much respect. He also began his second season at Arsenal with a win against Newcastle. In all, while many may want to view Emery’s time at Arsenal as a failure, I choose to view it differently. Emery was just unfortunate to be saddled with problems he had no solutions for.

Now, Emery is gone and we have Arteta. Arteta may have improved our game but as long as we keep drawing games and are not winning, I won’t join those who are praising him as the best thing to happen to Arsenal. Arteta is really trying his best to put Arsenal back to shape but while he is at it, can people just stop comparing him with Emery and focus on Arteta instead?

First it was Mustafi who claimed the former Arsenal coach was bad at communications. He even went as far as accusing the former coach of not being able to improve the team because of his lack of good communication skills.

As if that was not enough, I saw an article on about Leno claiming the team was left confused by Emery’s approach, both on and off the pitch. The German goalkeeper, who was signed by Emery, had this to say about Emery’s time at the Emirates “The mentality out on the pitch, I don’t want to say it was a mess, but it was a bit confusing…Everyone was doing different things..We were not a team…Not in the dressing room, not on the pitch and you could see that.” Leno may just be expressing what he experienced under Emery but why would he come out now to say this? Why is everybody suddenly coming out to say things they could have said when Emery was still coach of Arsenal?

Adding his voice to those criticizing Emery’s time at Arsenal, is an ex player of the club, Emmanuel Petit. Petit believes Arsenal was not doing fine under Emery and that Arteta came to clear Emery’s mess. He described Arsenal under Emery as being sick on the pitch and in the dressing room.

These are not the best times for Emery but maybe all these bashings started the moment Emery came out to explain why things didn’t go well for him at Arsenal. Whatever may have happened, Emery is no longer at Arsenal and I wish people would just let him be. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

Come on Mikel, your Arsenal honeymoon is over

Time to move forward and start winning games again.

Hello Arsenal family! What a lovely day it is gonna be. I can’t wait to relish all the goodies this day has to offer. Put a smile on your faces today, because life is beautiful.

I woke up this morning with joy in my heart. The joy has been in my heart all night and I will like to explain why to you all.

Now, I am somebody who mourns a while and afterward, I put up a smile on my face and look positively ahead. Arsenal played a drab draw against a team we should have beaten well and many fans are not happy. Many fans are scared of what will happen in the future to the club based on current happenings; some believe it is all gloom and doom. Well, I also believe Arsenal will not redeem themselves this season but I believe they will start playing well soon, thereby giving fans the hope of a better next season. In as much as I have doubts about Arteta doing wonders with this team on a long run, I won’t be the type to ask for him to be sacked based on current results. He was appointed just in December and it won’t be out of order if the club allows him stay until the end of this season at least, to prove his worth.

As far as the premiership is concerned, Arteta may find it hard improving Arsenal’s performances and probably get us into the top four, but that does not mean the season would be a failure. I strongly believe we will qualify for the Champions league, via the Europa league. So help us God!

Now, the major reason why I am so positive and happy is because I foresee Arteta grabbing the bull by the horn and stepping on some toes, in order to improve the team’s performances. Many of the players who have been playing regularly ever since Arteta’s appointment may soon start sitting out games. They have not really given our gaffer what he wants and this may force him to stop experimenting with the team and start using players who will get him the desired results. Players like our present top nine and some midfielders, may have to be sacrificed for the team to start playing well again. The criticisms Arteta has been receiving ever since we drew against Burnley must have surely gotten to him and he must be thinking of how to start getting results, and winning the fans to himself. After the game against Burnley, Arteta would be thinking of how to start winning games, knowing full well that his honeymoon period is over. I can’t wait to see Arteta start winning games for the club. We may not finish in the top six, but it will be a disaster if Arsenal actually ends the season with nothing at all.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

Are Arsenal really going to finish outside the Top Six?

Is this going to be the season where we finish below the top six?

With 13 draws and 6 losses in 25 premiership games, the records don’t look so enticing to the eyes, and they are neither pleasing to the hearts of genuine Arsenal fans. We seem not to be moving forward, despite changing managers twice since Wenger left. It has been ‘one step forward, two steps back’, this season.

Emery began the season on a high, after winning Newcastle in the first game of the season; after that game his season began to fall apart. He was sacked and replace by Arteta, after Ljungberg was made interim coach. Under Ljungberg, the team struggled for form and for points. It got so bad that old Freddie had to ask the club management to quicken their search for a new Arsenal manager. Arteta was eventually appointed and in all fairness to him he has improved our football a bit, albeit without getting the results to compliment the play.

After Chelsea and Manchester United played out draws in their games on Saturday, I was filled with optimism that we were going to win our game against Burnley and close up the gap between us and our top six rivals. Life can be unfair at times, and it was unfair to Arsenal fans on Sunday, as they watched their game with mixed feelings. Many fans felt a draw was better than a defeat against a well disciplined Burnley team; others felt a draw meant we were not moving forward at all. I belong to the latter school of thoughts. Arsenal is not moving forward, as long as the premiership is involved, and this may push us out of the top six at the end of the season.

However, falling out of the top six, may not necessarily deny us playing in the UEFA Champions league next season, especially if we win the Europa league. If we win it, fine and good! But if we don’t, our season would be a total disaster.

From how I view things, Arsenal will do well in the remaining cup competitions they find themselves in. they will get to the semi-final of one, and get to the final of another one, and even win the competition. My instinct tells me we may win the FA cup and lose to a team in the semi-finals of the Europa league competition; although I hope my instinct would be wrong at the end of the season. Winning the Europa league and losing out in the semi-final of the FA cup, would give me more joy than how my instinct wants it.

Dear Arsenal fans, I hope I can prepare your minds for the worst? Hope you won’t fight with me for predicting us not ending the season in the top six? From the way the season is unfolding; Arsenal may yet struggle to find form till the end of the season, but will give it their best shots in the cup competitions. This may sound sad bit then that is how low we have gone as a club.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

The Arsenal – Who are we?

When it comes to supporting Arsenal Football Club, there needs to be loyalty, passion and love!

The Arsenal team has been through lots of ups and downs, however, they made history in recent  years! There have been legends at Arsenal that will be forever remembered. The team have won 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 1 UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup, 15 FA Community Shields, and 1 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.

Arsenal’s Top Goal scorers:

  • Thierry Henry – 228 goals
  • Ian Wright – 185 goals
  • Cliff Bastin – 178 goals
  • John Radford – 149 goals
  • Jimmy Brain – 139 goals
  • Ted Drake – 139 goals

Arsenal also has its rivals and it’s none other than Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea. Manchester United also developed a rivalry with Arsenal as they were battling for the trophies in the late 1990s and 2000s.

One of the most memorable moments in Arsenal’s history was in the 1930s, they won a couple of titles and they held a record in the FA cup! From 2003 to 2004, they were unbeatable as they remain on top of the table. Football requires patience and perseverance. Especially when you have to win a match – be it on the pitch, on FIFA or playing slot games at Magical Vegas Casino for instance: Supreme Football Slot, Football Scratch, Football Champions Cup and many more. You might get the feel of playing on the pitch in the comfort of your home.

In the history of Arsenal, there are some players that will always be remembered and cannot be replaced. They have won several trophies and broke records. They are Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp.

Thierry Henry, who is now a coach, said: “Although I arrived a world champion, I was nobody,” he admitted in a recent interview with Arsenal. “And rightly so. I hadn’t won anything at Arsenal, so who was I? I was just a follower at the beginning. You don’t arrive somewhere just with your name and impress the guys in the dressing room. You have to show them that you can fight for them and sometimes against them in training. And then, they will respect you,”

Another current player that is striving at Arsenal to be one of the team is Mesut Ozil. He loves his team and playing for Arsenal. He said in a interview: ‘’ I always believed in myself and my team-mates helped me a lot off the pitch and on the pitch too, so it was easy to be accepted into the team. It was a very, very good time for me because I had a lot of experiences and around those players, I grew up a lot.

“Then I found out I’d be moving into the first team I was very happy. The reaction of my family was that they were just very proud of me because I started playing football when I was about seven. I gave everything on the pitch, worked hard, to reach my dream.

At the end of the day, I achieved my dream to sign a professional contract for Schalke and everyone was proud. I was really, really happy at this time’’.