How far the Mighty Arsenal have fallen this season…

And there goes the dream fading away by Lagos Gooner

Hello Gooners all over! I am still in a great shock: I can’t possibly think of any reason why we lost to a spirited Olympiacos team. A match I felt we were going to win effortlessly became the match that broke my heart, once again! Who is going to console me right now? Who is going to console the billions of Arsenal fans all over the world, who felt winning the Europa would catapult them into the UEFA Champions league? What is going to happen next to my darling Arsenal? Wow! How are the mighty fallen! The great Arsenal is finding it difficult winning the 2nd tier UEFA competition.

Aubameyang makes positive noises about ambition

Pierre Aubameyang, our highest goal scorer last season, has been in the news since the beginning of the year. He began the year on a bad note with his sending off against Palace in the early weeks of January, and from there the transfer rumour mongers did everything to destabilize the team with stories and rumours about how Barcelona were interested in our top scorer. Thank goodness the transfer window ended with our main man still an Arsenal player. I was one of the fans who always hoped Auba would remain in Arsenal for a long time, even though I know every player has a price and if a club was ready to meet Arsenal’s asking price, then Arsenal would sell Pierre.

Can we just forget about Emery and move on now?

Two months after Emery has been sacked, what he has been getting are bashings and bad testimonies from both his former players at Arsenal and from sport pundits. Unai Emery came to Arsenal with a good coaching record. In his first season at Arsenal, he went 22 games unbeaten, while beating Tottenham in the process and drawing against Liverpool, who later went on to be Champions league winners. He really tried his best to make Arsenal competitive and they were. We played in the final of the Europa League and only lost to Chelsea because we gave them so much respect. He also began his second season at Arsenal with a win against Newcastle. In all, while many may want to view Emery’s time at Arsenal as a failure, I choose to view it differently. Emery was just unfortunate to be saddled with problems he had no solutions for.

The Arsenal – Who are we?

When it comes to supporting Arsenal Football Club, there needs to be loyalty, passion and love!

The Arsenal team has been through lots of ups and downs, however, they made history in recent  years! There have been legends at Arsenal that will be forever remembered. The team have won 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 1 UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup, 15 FA Community Shields, and 1 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.

Arsenal’s Top Goal scorers:

  • Thierry Henry – 228 goals
  • Ian Wright – 185 goals
  • Cliff Bastin – 178 goals
  • John Radford – 149 goals

What does it take to be a true Arsenal supporter?

Two seasons ago when Arsene Wenger was still coach of Arsenal, I had an encounter with a celebrated football commentator on issues pertaining to Arsenal. He came for a football conference in Lagos and I was to cover the conference as an independent journalist. After the conference, I walked up to him and asked him one honest but blunt question; I asked him why he hated Arsenal with so much passion! During the course of the conference, he spoke so much about how Arsenal was doomed for destruction, simply because Wenger was in charge and how Wenger had lost ideas on how to move the club forward.

An analysis of the Arteta effect on Arsenal

Good morning Gooners all over the world. I woke up this morning thinking about what Bournemouth thought about Arsenal. Well, to help my cause, I logged on to the official website of Bournemouth Afc. While there, I stumbled upon an interview conducted with Amy Lawrence, who covers the fortunes of the Gunners for The Athletic.

In the interview, Amy said a lot of things about Arsenal; some we know and some we don’t. I will just like to briefly talk on some of the things Amy said. Read on.

Tough-talking Pablo Mari sounds perfect for Arsenal

Talking tough is good Mari; welcome to the Premiership by Lagos Gooner

It is no longer news that Arteta has succeeded in bringing in his first signing as coach of Arsenal. Just yesterday, Pablo Mari was announced as an Arsenal player. Like other new signings, there are always fears if such signings would click or not. Well, as if Mari was reading the minds of the Arsenal fans, he provided an answer to that, while assuring the fans that Arsenal would compete with the best. Pablo Mari believes that with his performance against Liverpool’s attacking duo of Salah and Mane, he is ready for the premiership.