Ramsey – We must not relax against Fulham

Arsenal’s centre midfielder Aaron Ramsey is certain that Arsenal will have to treat the Fulham game as serious as possible in order to get the maximum number of points out of it.

“It’s important to take this game as seriously as we take any other game,” he told Arsenal.com

“This is going to be a tough test for us but I’m confident that we can get all three points. Hopefully we can do that.”

“Fulham have proven themselves to be a good team over the seasons and they won’t make it easy for us. But I think with the form that we’re in at the moment and the quality we have, we can get all three points.”

“We’ll have to have really good possession and movement in behind – things like that which will break them down.”

“I think if we’re patient they’ll eventually leave a gap somewhere and hopefully we can take the opportunity.”

Fulham is not doing bad at all lately having gathered 7 points in the Europa League and getting only one win away to a qualification. They are not doing that good in the Premier League with only 11 points and a 16th place ranking, but they are certainly not an easy club to defeat.

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