‘Realistic’ Arsenal hoping for a helping hand

With nine games left for Arsenal to play in the Premier League, which is one more than Tottenham and Leicester have, there are still enough points to make it possible for a late comeback in the title race. So while Arsene Wenger is dead right about not giving up, he does know that the Gunners will have to be pretty close to our best for the rest of the season, as reported by Arsenal.com.

And even that might well not be enough unless both of the clubs currently above us in the EPL table do not suffer a bit at the same time. So the boss is being realistic about our chances and is hoping that some other teams can do us a favour by taking points off our title rivals.

First of all, however, is the small matter of winning away at Everton today and with very little time to rest and recover after the trip to Barcelona, Wenger is just hoping that the Arsenal players have the energy and focus they need.

He said, “I would say we have to go step by step. Let’s get back to winning habits first, that starts tomorrow… if we win tomorrow, we’ll see. That’s our target.

“But at the moment, the only way to achieve something special is first to be realistic and humble enough to deal first with Everton.

“Things will change until the end of the season, that’s for sure. We have to take care of our own destiny, and that’s by producing the performances we expect from ourselves.

“It’s very tight, but I believe the Premier League is far from over. We are in a position where we hope for the best. I agree that a negative result would be very bad for us, but we focus on a positive result. We know now is the time for us to produce the result we want.

“We also have to look behind us because things can change very quickly. We want to move forward, but I’m conscious that our position is not secure, even where we are.”

So which is the more likely outcome for Arsenal this season? Another fight for fourth place or a late run for the finish line and the Premier League trophy?

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One thought on “‘Realistic’ Arsenal hoping for a helping hand

  1. Good to be positive, but realistically its over. We had better begin planning for next season and it starts with Mr. Arsene , where does he see himself with the club? Its either the club first or himself. A case in point is when things weren’t going well for Klop at dortmund, he chose to move on and look they are now better than where he left them.

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