Should Arsenal offer former star Song a lifeline from Barcelona?

When Alex Song left for Barcelona last season, although many were sad to see him go as well as angered, a lot of people also agreed that we wouldn’t really miss him in this Arsenal team. I must agree and say I don’t think we have missed him as much as I expected to. Simply because we have been the same defensively with and without him, so that proves how much of an effective defensive midfielder he was.

I’ll be honest and admit at one point I thought we’d miss Song much more than we would Van Persie because although Van Persie was in his prime and playing magnificently every single week, I thought he was an inch away from injury and also I felt RVP was replaceable (except we never did), whilst a true DM is difficult to come by these days.
Alex Song himself wasn’t really a true DM, often making effective runs forward, whilst also picking up a few assists, which also often meant we were left open at the back, so overall his departure wasn’t too much of a disappointment, especially when you look at the money we got for him. However a year on and Song could be in for a move away from the Spanish Champions:

His cousin Rigobert said, “Barcelona put so much effort into signing him last summer, and Alex turned down many great teams in order to sign with them. But this season he has only been a substitute. He is not happy. At Arsenal he was a leader on and off the field – he doesn’t feel like this in Spain and it makes him feel bad.”

I think Song will push through a move away if he can, and it’s very likely that Barcelona would be willing to sell the Cameroon international. I also think Song has quickly turned into another player who left Arsenal thinking the grass is greener on the other side, only to realise they made the wrong move and regret leaving Arsenal. If Song was available for around £10 million I’d definitely look into him, however I suspect Wenger will think otherwise. Do you think we should take him back?

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10 thoughts on “Should Arsenal offer former star Song a lifeline from Barcelona?

  1. i accept with a big YES. why not!he was a master at arsenal and i think it cannot cost arsenal to bring back one of the players i termed as midfield maestro.

  2. I don’t want him at arsenal. We can go for Gustavo and that will be better off then going for a player that we did nearly very thing for but opted for Barca

  3. NO …..we should sign a real defensive midfielder who can protect a back 4 which includes Per Mert. and which Bould is not always allowed to drill properly.

  4. Well that depends if the choice is staying as it is now Arteta with Ramsey or Wilshere along side or Bring back Song as a DM I say yes. If the choice is Song vs signing a monster of a DM better then Song then NO. But it was clear to me in the emirates cup matches over the week end Arteta is not up to that role and when the Attacking mids carelessly give the ball away Arteta is in trouble as is the back 4 the last thing I want to see is any of our center backs one on one with a forward usually results in a free kick at best or penalty or goal at worst. We should have beat Spurs to Paulinho. (but Wenger and the board were too busy Fing around in Asia and putting lowball bids for Higuain and Suarez. To actually sign players we can get that would actually solve tactical problems. Sure everyone loves the goal scorers but what good was RVP for us when we leaked as many as he scored RVP should have won the league with Arsenal with the goal tally he was putting in and THAT is why he left Arsenal would not build a team behind him that could win he knew it and he left. signing another top striker won’t win us the league any more then having RVP did. We need Better midfielders and defense. the quality of the forward play of Ramsey and Wilshere is pathetic only Carzola was even the least bit affective in the final 3rd. THAT is why I feel we are wasting our time chasing strikers. Suarez is good but he could not drag Liverpool into a CL spot and he won’t drag Arsenal to the top of the league ether unless Arsenal does something about midfield as well.

  5. I say no he left thinking he’ll be a starter at barca and now is moaning because he isnt get gustavo in a new striker and maybe a new defender

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