Should Arsenal repeat England’s Wilshere position?

I know that the instant reaction of most Arsenal fans will be to say, no way should Arsene Wenger even think about trying to use Jack Wilshere in the same position as the England manager tried in Switzerland last night.

In fact it remains to be seen whether Roy Hodgson himself will repeat the experiment of using Wilshere as the deepest lying midfielder, as the Arsenal man was the first player to be subbed off as England won 2-0 thanks to the two goals scored by our new striker Danny Welbeck.

But Jack was on the pitch for over 70 minutes and we should also remember that this was his first time playing in that position. He did seem to be a bit caught between two posts of whether to sit back all the time ot to still attempt to get forward every now and then.

But I think he got better, especially in the second half. I also like Hodgson’s thinking behind the move, to allow Wilshere to get on the ball more and direct the tempo of the game, much like Mikel Arteta does for Arsenal at the minute. The Spaniard is not getting any younger and maybe Wilshere could be the one to eventually take over from him.

Jack would need time to settle into the role, but it would add another string to his bow, which given the energence of Aaron Ramsey, could really help his future Arsenal career. Do you think Wenger should give it a go?

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