So who played WELL for Arsenal against Besiktas?

It is fair to say that Arsenal have not really got going properly yet this season. Despite beating the Premier League champions comfortably in the Community Shield at Wembley, the Gunners have struggled in the two competitive games since.

It is far from being a disaster so far, because we got the three points against Crystal Palace and just need to beat Besiktas at home to go into the Champions League group stages, but neither performance was very convincing, with some of our front line players looking like they are still on holiday.

Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla, for me, look a couple of weeks off the pace, and Laurent Koscielny does not seem to have really switched on yet, but there were some encouraging signs as well. Alexis Sanchez may have tried too hard at times and hgeld on to the ball when he should have passed, but you can already see what a great asset the Chilean will be due to his pace, ability and determination.

Wojciech Szczesny seems to have taken on board the strong competition he will get from David Ospina and is making the Colombian’s job of grabbing the number one shirt look very hard. He was composed and alert throughout, with one great save from a Demba Ba volley.

And having a safe keeper behind him is certainly helping Calum Chambers to slot in at centre back. The kid is pretty amazing really when you consider he has only been playing competitive football for a year and not even in that position. It looks like Wenger has found a real gem there.

I also think that Wilshere and the Ox are looking good for us after their World Cup disappointments with England. So although it hasn’t been the best of starts for Arsenal, I think the signs are there and that we are building up for a strong season. Do you agree?

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2 thoughts on “So who played WELL for Arsenal against Besiktas?

  1. Is this how the Arsenal team will continue this season with Wenger know what’s lack in the squad and ignore it? We need a striker, defensive middfield and a centre half. Common guys spend the money and make up proud

  2. Jack Wilshere is working harder but not making the impact he should be. Good see the improvement though. Szezcny looked good like you say and alert the whole game. Besides that dummy Ba did to dupe Chambers, the lad looks the business. Giroud is falling over too much and Ramsey should have been more profession being on a yellow, not continually asking for a second. The ref ran out of patience and obliged him in the end. Keeping the ball is a huge part of Sanchez’s game, we don’t need him doing that dumb passing around the box and nobody pulling the trigger. I like that he shoots and tries to run forward all the time. Besides, on the flank he is not in a position to time a run after a through ball, so he has to run forward with the ball and cut in. His crossing was too deep because he places the ball where he expects team-mates to be. It was the fault of the left flank players when he started on the right side. Chamberlain had a real WTF factor about him. Walcott will have to be on his game because the Ox played better last night than I think Walcott is capable of doing.

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