Surely Arsenal won’t get BOTH Higuain AND Rooney?

Arsenal have been linked with a lot of strikers so far this summer, let alone the amount of players we have been linked with in total and in fact it is actually quite ridiculous that we are only half way through June. In fact with the amount of players we have been linked with so far this silly season, we could have bought around 400 million worth of players, probably even more but two of the biggest names (and arguably fees) on that long list is Higuain and Rooney and if reports are deemed to be true Arsenal seem to be in negotiations with both of them.

Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain is a player desperate for a move away from his club this summer and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is in exactly the same position. Both seem to have struggled to find a buyer however Arsenal’s interest may be the winning ticket and we could see one and in a dream world, possibly both players at the Emirates come September.

But surely signing both players is a dream and always will be unrealistic. Or will it? I personally cannot see Arsene Wenger buying both because I struggle to see how both players would fit into our starting XI together, and you cannot say they should rotate on the bench because that’s the reason they want a move away from their current club.

Rooney also wants to go because of the incoming David Moyes as manager, whom he doesn’t get on well with but in my opinion the England International doesn’t have many options.

I cannot see Rooney moving abroad because very few English players have succeeded outside their home nation, whilst in England, United definitely wouldn’t sell to Chelsea or City, whilst Arsenal is also unlikely but as the remaining champions league club I feel we are still the most likely of the bunch.

For Higuain case, only Arsenal and Juventus are reportedly looking at the Argentinian and although the Italian club looked to be in the driving seat, it’s believed that they cannot offer the financial side of the deal, like Arsenal can and so for once Arsenal may beat a club to a transfer based around finances. Surprising isn’t it?

Overall I can’t see both players signing for Arsenal this summer. We already have Giroud, Podolski and arguably Walcott all competing for the central striker role and to add two more players into the mix would seem unrealistic. Although I’d prefer Rooney for several reasons, I think we are more likely to get Higuain. But saying that I still wouldn’t be completely certain that Rooney to Arsenal was unlikely. It’s all tricky business.

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5 thoughts on “Surely Arsenal won’t get BOTH Higuain AND Rooney?

  1. Higuain is the better buy. Younger, efficient, and seems to have better character than Rooney. Who wants to have Rooney complaining in a couple of years time about something? Sometime he behaves like a spoilt brat. Besides, you can’t argue that Argentina doesn’t know how to produce a good striker; Aguero, Tevez, and of course Messi! Higuain is (like the afore mentioned) one of th national strikers. I say he would be my first choice … Albeit if for some reason we didn’t get him, I’m ok with Rooney (he is quality too).
    Hopefully this transfer window will be a happy one for us Gooners.

  2. Rooney would be at least £30m, probably £35m, not to mention his ridiculous salary. We can’t waste money on both strikers, we need to buy a lot of players. Plus Rooney still has fitness problems. Higuian is younger and better.
    There’s nothing wrong with rotating your strikers, actually, both Man U (with Rooney, Hernandez, Welbeck, van Persie) and Man City (Dzeko, Aguero, Tevez) do it. We just can’t afford both of them, and we already have Giroud, Sanogo, Podolski, Walcott.

  3. honestly rooney would hit the ground running for sure. With the likes of walcott, wilshire, ox…. already played with arteta at everton…strength and work rate of rooney plus his free kicks could make arsenal deadly…but on the other hand there is the brilliance of higuian.. speed, more technical and younger and wants to win something being the focal striker which has never happened for him… mr wenger would love them both but sure hope u make the right call…

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