Szczesny – A couple more signings and Arsenal will win trophies

The young Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is disappointed that Arsenal didn’t manage to win a trophy this season, but he thinks that after the Gunners atrocious start to the season, Third Place can be considered a success.

He is also very happy that Arsenal have started the transfer window well by buying Lukas Podolski, but he still thinks that some more new arrivals are needed to make sure that the Gunners are back up at the top next time around.

“It is massive,” he said on “I said before that I don’t think people believed we could finish third.”

“Although I wouldn’t have taken it before the season, given the circumstance and the start of the season I think we will take it and we are very pleased.

“You want to win trophies. Yes we are happy we managed to finish third but when you play for this club you want to win trophies and we didn’t do it this year so it is disappointing.

“But we already have one signing coming in and hopefully with one or a couple more we can challenge for a trophy next season.”

Szczesny is obviously right of course, but knowing Wenger as we do, the extra couple of signings will probably be Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby!

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8 thoughts on “Szczesny – A couple more signings and Arsenal will win trophies

  1. Once we get rid of the deadwood I’d say we require 4 or 5 good players to mount a challenge for a trophy.

    Out: Almunia, Squillaci, Djourou, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park, Benayoun.

    Loan: Ramsey, Frimpong.

    In: M’Vila, Vertonghen, Kagawa, Gotze, Hoilett/Moses.

    Obviously just dreams, we’ll never get rid of all of those players and we’ll never buy in that many either.

  2. So what hapens to frimpong, wilshare, rio mayaichi, mertersaker, park, chamack, gervinho, cocquilin, djorou & yeneris if we buy all those ur dream players u are talking about.

  3. Arsenal needs re-enforcement. The defence is still very far from been okay. It was clear from the last three matches of the just ended season. A creative midfielder, a defender is the minimum if the team is to go anywhere. With the injury to Arteta, the midfield vacum created was clearly visible. Fans are clearly tired of waiting.

  4. I feel sorry when we talk about adding more quality players to Arsenal and some fans start mentioning names of existing players and asking what we shall do with them. The answer is simple, do away with them. It is because of their non performance that we need new players anywhere. I doff my hat for Szczesny for being bold enough to make that statement. For him to know that we need more signings means Wenger also knows. Let us hope something different will happen this summer.

  5. BUY-m’vila,hazard/kagawa/belhanda/eriksen,matias suarez/giroud….

  6. Where is d fund 2 buy all these players u’v mentioned ?. Did u not hear wenger saying he wil have a quite summer?. To offload dos players, help us get buyers, we shall compensate u wenever we win d league. Lol.

  7. Did anyone says Yossi should be out? Completely ridiculous!! First of all Yossi came to AFC on loan, secondly do you know exactly to wat extend tat tis great fella has done for us? I bet you might not know d work rate he has contributed since arriving from d bridge..bottom line, we owe tis big fella a great deal and I believe all dearest gooners out there might agree wit me tat AW shd sign tis guy on a permanent basis. He is anytime better than any of those deadwood, especially chakmah, Djourou and co.

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