Arsenal have agreed fee – Will Bendtner agree to go?

Get ready to be happy Arsenal fans. Although I will not actually believe it is really true until it is finally all done and dusted, it looks like the Gunners will finally get rid of the blank firing, self publicist that is Nicklas Bendtner.

Maybe the not so great Dane has finally realised that the biggest clubs in the world are not desperate to sign him after all, or maybe he finally feels a bit guilty about trousering over £50,000 a week from Arsenal only to run us down any chance he gets, although I doubt it.

Do Arsenal need to look further than Bale?

The last time Arsenal played Tottenham, the day ended very happily for the Gunners as they ran out 5-2 winners after Emmanuel Adebayor’s reckless and dangerous tackle earned him a red card. If you look at the teams from that day, Spurs have lost two big strong midfielders, Sandro and Huddlestone, to injury. They are also with out two of their forward players Dempsey and Defoe, so Arsenal should feel confident of a good result.