Arsenal face trouble as Koscielny’s agent suggests Barcelona and Bayern interest

There was a bit of concern for Arsenal fans recently after Laurent Koscielny suggested he might want to leave the club to further his ambitions, but when you read the whole statement, it had been taken out of context and sensationalised a bit. He actually said he was happy at Arsenal, but would consider leaving, in the future, if the club continued as it has been in recent years.

Bendtner Holding Talks – Could he be aiming for a great Arsenal swap deal?

One of Arsenal’s biggest recent flops, Nicklas Bendtner is ready to leave the London club soon, and according to himself he just hired another agent to help him in dealing with the offers he’s receiving.

The Danish striker has hired the services of FIFA-licensed agent Tom Brookes, who will be working alongside his father to deal with incoming offers.

“I know Tom from England, and now he and my father are taking care of the interested clubs.” Bendtner said.