FA cup preview and team news for Arsenal vs. Everton

Arsenal’s tough test of games returns after having two games against sides that were considered to be easy opponents, even though it didn’t quite work out that way. The Gunners were expected to attain wins against Sunderland and Stoke however a slip up at Stoke meant that Arsenal continue to fall away from top spot in the league.

It doesn’t seem too long ago that the horrors of February were amongst us. A disastrous defeat to Bayern Munich and a thrashing by Liverpool condemned a poor couple of games for the Gunners which also saw us draw with Manchester United 0-0 at home.

Nicklas Bendtner’s selective memory of his Arsenal career!

The famous Danish international Nicklas Bendtner has watched Arsenal fans celebrate the new contracts awarded to Thomas Rosicky and Per Mertesacker, and the clamour of opinion wanting Bacary Sagna to extend his current deal, but no-one seems to care that his own contract is set to expire this summer!

On the contrary, most Gooners can’t wait to see the back of the big-headed immature pain in the ARSEnal! It is not so much his lack of committment to the Arsenal cause when he actually got a few games, it was the way he conducted himself outside the club. We can all remember the first time he was caught with his trousers down on his way out of a nightclub….

Wenger’s words and Team news for Arsenal v Coventry

Tonight Arsenal will face Coventry City in a strange sense of Friday night football for this 4th round FA Cup tie. The Gunners go into the game full of confidence having kept up their title challenge for this season, with a good run of wins, the latest coming against Premier League strugglers Fulham FC.

Coventry may not be Premier League or even Championship opposition for the Gunners to face this time around. However sometimes this can go against you and in the opposition’s favour as everyone expects the big guns to win. Wenger has made it very clear that the team will prepare for this game in complete seriousness and train as if it was against any other opponent that they would face on a weekly basis.

Arsenal go down 6-3 thanks to poor defence and officials

Arsenal started the game very shakily, with City able to move the ball quickly and creating some chances. We got back into the game but we then proceeded to concede from a corner. It was played in and Koscielny unaware of Aguero’s movement let the Argentinian volley the ball into the net. 1 – 0.

We managed to get back into the game fairly quickly as Ramsey pressured Yaya Toure into a mistake and was able to quickly spread the play to Özil who passed the ball across the box to Theo who coolly finished the ball into the net. 1 – 1.

Has Arsenal boss done another Ramsey with Bendtner?

If Arsene Wenger can turn around the Arsenal career of Nicklas Bendtner, it would be an absolute miracle, but if anyone can do it, then Le Professeur is certainly the man. After all, Wenger has done this sort of thing before, most recently with the man of the moment Aaron Ramsey.

It is strange that every Arsenal fan seems to think that they were really on the young Welsh internationals side and always believed he would come good, because I seem to remember a time when his inclusion on the team sheet would have the average Gooner reaching for the panic button.

Arsenal on alert as Dzeko edges closer to Man City exit!!

After seeing Arsenal fail to score against Manchester United, one of the key questions raised was that Arsenal’s attacking options still aren’t the greatest despite the position we are currently in, topping both the Champions League group and the Premier League.

Arsenal have Olivier Giroud as their main striker, who had a cracking start to the season, but has since trailed off with his form along with a few other top players at the club. After the closure of the transfer window most fans were left disappointed with the fact we hadn’t signed a striker, however the majority saw past it to recognise that if we could keep Giroud in top form as well as injury free, then he alone may be enough to led the team’s attack until January at the very least.

Arsenal practice for Hallowe’en with Horror Show against Chelsea

Last night Arsenal endured a night of horror as for the second time in a week we lost at home arguably to greater opposition. Yesterday Arsenal witnessed defeat at the hands of Chelsea in the Gunners own back yard of the Emirates. The 2-0 loss secured the stat of being the first time since the early months of 2013 that Arsenal failed to score a single goal and overall it was a game full of disappointment.

Arsenal must use Youth and Experience to compete in Capital One Cup

Chelsea have beaten Manchester City 2 – 1 at Stamford Bridge thanks to once again another Joe Hart howler. Now they set their sights on the Capital One cup match against Arsenal at the Emirates. And although are going to play the second string, it will not be an easy game for Arsenal.

Even though Chelsea will be playing the game only two days after their previous game, they will still field a very menacing line up. The likes of Willian, Mata and De Bruyne didn’t even start for Chelsea today meaning that we can expect those three behind Eto’o. That’s how ridiculously good their squad depth is at the moment and that’s why I don’t think we can take them lightly. Without starting any of the same players, Chelsea can field a side like this: