Should Arsenal bring back Bergkamp as striker coach?

One of the best players to grace the pitch in an Arsenal shirt is Gunners legend Dennis Bergkamp. It’s been awhile since we last saw Bergkamp at the club, however is there any chance that he could be in for a return role in the coaching department?

Dennis Bergkamp left the Arsenal as one of the club’s greatest ever players. The Dutchman was one of the most influential and creative players that not just arsenal have seen, but that the Premier League has seen in its entirety. His legendary status therefore obtains much admiration, and players are surely ambitious to play the role that Bergkamp did. He was influential on the pitch as well as more recently off it, with Bergkamp telling how he teaches youth players, ‘The Arsenal Way.’

Bergkamp wants to come and make Arsenal even better!

There has always been a lingering wonder if one day Arsenal will see their wonder team of the glory days and invincible age return once again to the club as the team’s managerial staff. It would be a fantastic sight seeing the likes of Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp all in positions at the club, but will it ever become a reality?

For Adams and Vieira, they are already in management positions, just not at Arsenal; whilst Thierry Henry of course still plays professional football in the USA. Bergkamp on the other hand does have a hand in football management, as he is a coach at Dutch club Ajax, the club where he first began his fantastic career.

Invincible returning to Arsenal!

Arsenal announced yesterday that former Arsenal legend and fan favourite for many people Freddie Ljungburg will return to Arsenal as a club ambassador for the Asia Pre-Season trip and promote Arsenal during their tour. This may have little to absolutely no influence on the team as a whole but there are a few interesting points to consider that arouse around this story.