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Arsenal fans want Wenger – but he needs to wake up!

There is a lot of negative thinking going around Arsenal at the moment and rightly so. We have in truth had a terrible summer and things aren’t going to magically repair themselves and allow us to win titles this season.

There is denial from our manager Arsene Wenger who laughs off Tottenham’s spending and says it will disrupt their squad. I understand when fans are trying to bring some faith back into things by telling the rest of us that we will survive this and everything will be okay but some people need to wake up.

Wenger preparing Arsenal fans for more transfer disappointment?

Today is a great day for Arsenal fans. We can finally relax after another tense season ended in the Gunners finishing in the Champions League (again) and above Tottenham (again). So we can happily taunt the spuds while looking forward to bigger and better things at the Emirates, can’t we?

The crippling debt is out of the way, so we are told, and Wenger will have a big transfer war chest to spend, so it is rumoured. So why have a got a small kernel of concern inside me? Arsene Wenger didn’t help in his post-match interview. He was asked about whether the club would now kick on and spend the money on the quality players needed to challenge for the title again and the Frenchman was a little less enthusiastic than he should have been.