Arsenal v Crystal Palace team news and preview – Goals Galore

This weekend Arsenal return to Premier League football after enduring a disappointing midweek Champions’ League group match against Borussia Dortmund. The German opposition didn’t exactly run riot at the Emirates and ultimately we were unfortunate to lose the game, however it is now important that the team focuses on the next match, a fixture to newly promoted Premier League side Crystal Palace.

Arsenal visit Selhurst Park in London to play Crystal Palace this weekend in a game that will feature two high contested sides at the two ends of the spectrum. At one end features Arsenal who sit at the top of the Premier League, facing Palace, a side that is only not bottom because of the failings of Sunderland. Palace currently have 7 defeats in 8 games, with the only win being against Sunderland, whilst Arsenal are on 6 wins and a single draw, with the only defeat coming against Aston Villa on the opening day of the season.

Arsenal will be looking to continue their fine run of Premier League form which included a 4-1 win over Norwich City last Saturday. The Gunners face no new injury concerns and should welcome back Mathieu Flamini to the match day squad at the least. Jack Wilshere will need to be assessed before the game after being subbed off against Dortmund as a precaution for an ankle injury but the Englishman is expected to be okay.

As for Palace, they will be under new management after Ian Holloway had his contract terminated by the Eagles with mutual consent this week, after both sides of the party agreed that a new appointment was necessary to keep the club in the Premier League. The game also sparks the return of Marouane Chamakh, who is likely to play against the Gunners following his summer move away from the club.

Jack Wilshere has already stated that he thinks Palace away could be a difficult game, whilst I too am in agreement with him on this subject basis. Arsenal cannot afford to underestimate their opposition because if they do, like many many times before we will be punished by a newly promoted side and this time it could prove to be very damaging. Of course such an event isn’t expected and Arsenal are anticipated to attain all 3 points from the game, continue our high run of form and rack up a total of 22 points for the season so far. I’m expecting lots of goals from this fixture and so I’m going to predict 5-1 to the Arsenal!

Arsenal hit rock bottom with Blackburn and Schalke rejects

Okay, I don’t quite know what to say here. Apparently Arsenal have taken a 26-year old player called Alharbi El Jadeyaoui on trial from the French Ligue 2. that’s right the Ligue 2 not 1. To make this all the more unbelievable, it is being widely reported that Arsene Wenger is going to offer him a contract.

I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about what is wrong with this deal but I will anyway and I may as well talk about another shocking piece of news at the same time. Brace yourselves, the other pieces of news is that we may also be offering a contract to 27-year old Romanian striker Ciprian Marica who is a free agent after leaving Schalke.

Back to the guy from Ligue 2. I would be slightly optimistic about this if the player wasn’t 26 years old. If he was 17 or 18 then it would be okay because he could be considered a young gem for the future, like Sanogo. At 26 years old you don’t do much more growing in terms of footballing ability and if nobody has ever heard of him before or tried to buy him, why are we?

Apparently we have been scouting him for ages. We have spent a large chunk of this summer clearing out deadwood players and now it seems we are replacing them with even worse players. I would rather keep Gervinho than have this guy. They are pretty much the same age and Gervinho has much more experience and probably more ability.

Why are we replacing deadwood with double deadwood?

Back to Marica. If we are looking for a prolific striker this summer, I have no idea why Marica’s name has come up. He has scored 5 goals in 2 years at Schalke which is less than Marouane Chamakh, so again I would rather keep Chamakh than get this guy.

Unlike El Jadeyaoui I have actually seen Marica play when he was at Stuttgart and for Schalke and let me tell you that my two year old nephew has a better chance of scoring regular goals. He couldn’t hit a barn door from two yards out this guy, even though his international record is decent. I must admit though he is more of a busy striker who likes to run about the place and help his team-mates out rather than going for glory but we do not need him.

This week we have offered trials to several players that I have never heard of and now these two are included in Arsenal’s transfer business. I am scratching my head and trying to figure out what our budget is for this summer. Did we bid for Luis Suarez because we knew that Liverpool would never budge and wanted to make it look like the club was committed to spending money?

I am sorry, but if these two players join the club I am going to support Fleetwood Town as they will have a better chance of winning the Premier League before us. I won’t be surprised to read tomorrow that we have been impressed with Karl Henry’s QPR debut and have made a bid for him.

The whole point of clearing out the deadwood in your squad is to get better players. I would honestly rather keep Nicklas Bendtner and friends than bring these guys in.

Arsenal getting close to being Free of all Deadwood…now for some goodwood!

Despite what you want to say about Arsenal’s lack of incoming transfer business, and I’m sure those words won’t be positive, if you can overlook that for five minutes, you may be able to realise or reiterate that the club has done well in getting rid of the majority of the ‘deadwood’ listed players at the club.

I think this was always Arsenal’s main priority this summer and so that’s why we haven’t seen any transfer movement till recently. It’s a stupid approach to take, in my opinion, but seemingly is the path that has been taken and there’s nothing we can do now except reflect on what has gone before us and hope that we still manage to pull off some top quality signings.

Of all the players we have got rid of this summer, not one has been of utmost importance to us, and arguably the biggest names to go that would have made a shout in the team are Coquelin, Djourou and Mannone. Not forgetting that we released around 14 youth/reserve players that were all knocking on the door to be put in the Arsenal first team squad, the likes of Sanchez Watt and Craig Eastmond, players that were already in their early twenties and never going to make it at Arsenal. Aside from them we have also managed to release Arshavin, Denilson and Squlliaci, 3 players that were just eating away at our wage bill.

Then we have sent Djourou out on loan, as well as Francis Coquelin, which I’m quite disappointed about to be honest. These two players as well as goalkeeper Mannone who was sold to Sunderland, were arguably the biggest talents to leave and I felt all three could have done a job as backup players this season, hopefully Wenger proves me wrong by signing so many stars, they would be facing the reserve team in front of them.

We have also sold Andre Santos, although only on a free transfer, while Gervinho seems to be the next player on his way out. Just to say I don’t consider Gervinho as deadwood and I feel he could do a good job on the bench but still, if its good money I don’t mind selling him. This leaves us with Park, Chamakh and Bendtner. Can we shift them?

Chamakh is supposedly off to join newly promoted Premier League side Crystal Palace and so he could soon be out the exit door, but only for 6 months at the moment. As for Bendtner, who knows? The Denmark international is linked with a different club every day and apparently Malaga are the latest club interested in him. Whilst Park, well I can’t see us selling him, especially as I think he is still on military service. So he will either be released like Denilson, or maybe sent out on loan after his return.

Park could soon be the only deadwood left, and that will hopefully signal the start of Arsenal’s signings.

Arsenal to spend once deadwood is all gone? Don’t count on it

Have Arsenal’s “deadwood” players been the reason for failure in recent seasons? It is a very likely scenario considering what he have seen and are still seeing this summer. The first round of “deadwood” was cleared when the likes of Denilson, Sebastian Squillaci and Andrey Arshavin. These players were waved goodbye and it cleared a fairly large amount of money from the wage bill.

The next round of “deadwood” seem to be on their way out as clubs are quietly interested and Arsene Wenger knows that he must get rid of them. These players include the likes of Park Chu Young, Nicklas Bendtner, Marouanne Chamakh, Gervinho and maybe one or two others if we are really overhauling the squad.

Chamakh seems to be close to the exit after Crystal Palace expressed interest. He may be keen to stay in London as he did last season despite having offers to return to France and to Bordeaux. He is one of the biggest drains on the wage bill at the moment and with him out of the way we could save a few million every season.

A big reason for Arsenal’s failure lately has been the lack of transfers. This summer we have gone in and made bids for Luis Suarez with big amounts of money. We haven’t yet signed anybody like this but the money being offered is hopefully proof of change.

The reason we haven;t signed anybody like this in the last few years is because of how many players we have like those mentioned above who are draining the wage bill. In a way then, this is Wenger’s fault as he signed these players and caused them to become unmovable problems.

These players have been costing the club so much money that we haven’t dared sign anybody because of how much the total bill would cost. Some of these players are out of the way which has prompted big bidding. Will there be more to come when the rest are gone?

With Santos going Arsenal must now replace deadwood

You have absolutely no idea how happy I am with the fact Arsenal are managing to sell their ‘deadwood’ players this summer and I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling. It was vital we had a right clear out of the club this summer, in order to reinvest effectively, efficiently and where it was most necessary in order to make sure the team was strengthened to such an extent that we could become a major force in England once more.

We had a list of players at the end of last season that needed to go and around 2 months down the line we have managed to successfully get rid of all but a few of those players. The likes of Arshavin, Squillaci and Denilson were released, as were a lot of youth and reserve players. Whilst Djourou has gone on loan and we have also seen Mannone sold. The next player out the door is Andre Santos who is reportedly close to joining Brazilian side Flamengo according to Sky Sports News. Leaving us with just the three strikers in Maroune Chamakh, Nicklas Bendtner and Park Chu Young.

These last three players may be the most difficult to get rid of because quite simply nobody wants to buy a misfiring striker, especially when they are all probably on over £50,000 a week. Many have suggested that we cancel their contracts just like we did with Denilson, however I feel that we should be able to move these players on by the end of the window.

The only problem is that although Arsenal have basically completed the first stage of selling the players, we are yet to see any real developments in reinvesting money into transfers that will majorly boost and strengthen this Arsenal team. The likes of Cesar, Higuain, Fellaini and Fabregas have all been mentioned but at the current moment we seem to have lost out on all of them and so on what is a negative point to end an originally positive article, could we be set to experience the same old Arsenal yet again?

Getting rid of Arsenal deadwood is only good IF they are replaced

It’s all well and good getting rid of a team’s deadwood players, as it allows a club to lose some player wages, gain a few squad places and in the meantime gather a little bit of income, but ultimately if you don’t then go and replace these players then the club goes into a period of further regression.

Arsenal have so far seen many players leave the club this summer and fortunately they have all been ‘deadwood’ players rather than the usual quality players we see leave the club. The players that have left so far this summer are the likes of Arshavin, Denilson, and Squillaci have all been released from their contracts, whilst Djourou has left on loan and Mannone has made the permanent move to Sunderland. And although some will argue that we needed to sell before we can buy, this period of inactivity in the transfer window has actually weakened the team!

On paper the team is now weakened. To many it won’t make a difference because none of the players above were first team players and it’s true that at the moment the actually starting XI isn’t weaker at all, in fact it’s exactly the same, just a year older. But what is weaker is our overall squad. A simple look at the announced team for the club’s pre-season tour of Asia will show you that this team would probably struggle for 3rd or 4th place and I know a lot of people would agree with that after reading the comments on some of the other articles.

The fact is, if this period of stagnation doesn’t end soon at the club, we will experience what happens every summer and Arsenal will lose out on their targets and then we will complain that we were too stingy on the price or too slow in our dealings. According to some people we had Higuain, Cesar and Fellaini in the bag, but now I’m sure you’ll see why you should not trust any of the Internet ‘in the knows’. With Bendtner, Gervinho, Park, Chamakh and Santos all also set to leave this summer, if we don’t act upon all this gathered income through fees and wages with high quality players then we really must start to doubt Wenger, Gazidis and the board’s mentality on transfer dealings.

Benteke is not worth the risk for Arsenal – Not at that price….

Ever since Christian Benteke made sure his name was known in England, with several stunning performances, Arsenal players have been living in envy that we never picked him up for a bargain last summer and are now calling for Wenger to make a move for the Belgian international striker. The well-known Arsenal fan has already made several pleas to Arsene Wenger through the media this summer and now he has gone to the next stage by handing in a transfer request, which only adds to the speculation.

Many believe he is the perfect player and striker that we desperately need. A tall, strong, powerhouse finisher that is always ready to have a crack at goal and admittedly from his first season in England, I have been massively impressed, especially as he scored 20+ goals for Villa. But what’s important is to remember this is his FIRST season in English football and so like many he could turn into a one hit wonder.
Who remembers when Chamakh was excellent we he first joined us? He too was a one hit wonder and look where he is now and I’m sure you can name many more because I certainly can.

Many will argue that Premier League experience is vital and in some senses I would agree with that but in this case it doesn’t make a difference. Premier League experience is a player that has played for several years in England’s top flight, not someone who wasn’t even in England this time last year and so for the £20 odd million or whatever Villa apparently want for their man main, then he’s definitely not worth it. We are, (or should I say were?) reportedly paying £23 million for Higuain and those two players are of completely different talents.

Don’t think that just because Benteke has handed in a transfer request, Villa will let him go on the cheap. If anyone’s to get him they will have to pay the full valued amount and ultimately many need to realise he isn’t the answer.

Are Arsenal set to get rid of another deadwood player?

In a summer that looks set to be revolving around change at Arsenal, Gooners will be pleased to see that we are finally getting a lot of the ‘deadwood’ players off the wage bill, however what is less exciting is the amount of incoming players in accordance to the endless speculation.

But looking at the way the summer as gone so far, since Arsenal ended their Premier League campaign back in May, it was always going to be a case of making sure we had all the players that were deemed as useless for the club off our books. and at the moment that seems to be very apparent and arguably successful. We’ve already seen the likes of Arshavin, Squillaci and Denilson released from their contracts, whilst Mannone and Djourou have also left the club. Bendtner is also soon touted to leave with several clubs apparently lining up for his signature, and so the next player that looks set to go is Arsenal striker Maroune Chamakh.

Chamakh signed with Arsenal back in 2010 in a free transfer deal from Ligue 1 side Bordeaux after his contract expired with the then French champions. He looked to be a good striker who would provide an excellent service either alongside Robin Van Persie or as back up to the Dutchman. The fact that we got him for free was particularly good, however a few years down the line and his £65k wages per week, will make you think otherwise.

But now Arsenal fans can be relieved if speculation is to be believed because according to several media outlets in both Spain and England, Chamakh is wanted by La Liga side Levante. The Spanish side are reportedly interested in a loan deal but with only 1 year left of Chamakh’s contract that would be a stupid decision to make and we should just look to sell him now and so there have been suggestions that Arsenal are willing to accept a fee as small as £1 million. The Frenchman himself has already admitted that he would take a paycut to make sure gets first team football.

Admittedly Chamakh had a good first season and impressed on numerous occasions. Unfortunately for him when Van Persie returned from injury he lost his place as well as his confidence and as an overall result he lost much of his goal scoring ability. Now with the 29 year old back in training with Arsenal after a loan at fellow London side West Ham, Arsene Wenger will be on the lookout for incoming offers, with the Moroccan almost certain to leave at some stage.

Gervinho could soon join the dead wood leaving Arsenal

Marseille have contacted Arsenal about a possible loan deal for struggling Gervinho with a view to a permanent move in the future. Arsenal have already cleared out most of the “deadwood” this summer and Gervinho is seen by fans as one of the next players who must go because of his poor form since he arrived at the club.

Sebastian Squillaci, Andrey Arshavin and Denilson have already left the club which has freed up the wage bill a bit to fund moves for new players, which is why Arsenal seem to be active at the moment in the transfer window.

Of the “deadwood” left at the club Gervinho, Chamakh and Nicklas Bendtner are on the highest wages and the fans will want to see the back of them as soon as possible. Bendtner has already spent the last two seasons out on loan because no club has been interested enough to make a proper move for him. I fear the same thing will happen with Gervinho if Arsenal do send him on loan to Marseille rather than look for a transfer deal.

Gervinho is still thought of highly in France because of his time at Lille where he formed a great partnership with Moussa Sow and Eden Hazard and became one of the most sought after players in Europe. He also impressed at the 2010 world cup for the Ivory Coast but has obviously failed to shine at Arsenal in the last couple of seasons.

Arsene Wenger should try and get rid of Gervinho, Bendtner, Chamakh, Andre Santos and more to free up funds for top, top players like Fabregas and Rooney who have been linked with moves recently. If the remaining “deadwood” players are only sent on loan again, they will remain a burden to the club for years to come.

What should Arsenal do with Deadwood wages money?

It has been announced by Arsenal that three first team players have/will leave the club come 30th June 2013, as their contracts will expire on that date. As I am sure you are aware the three players are Denilson, Arshavin and Squillaci, who alone will not only free up three important squad places under the Premier League regulations and restrictions but it also frees up an unbelievable amount of wages.

Sebastian Squlliaci was on a reported £50,000 a week, not only a ridiculous amount for a player of his calibre but not to mention he didn’t play a single league game for Arsenal last season, amounting to an unbelievable amount over the course of the year.

Andrey Arshavin who was still under his original four year contract when he signed was earning a wage of £75,000 per week and he too rarely featured last season and finally Denilson who hadn’t played for the club for several seasons was still under contract with Arsenal on a reported £35,000 a week contract. The Brazilian in fact still had 1 year left but both the player himself and the club came to the agreement to terminate his contract early.

These totals add up to around £160,000 of wages per week, although some reports have the figure as high as £190,000, which could pay for a single top quality player or even two good players on £80k. This goes to show how much clearing our deadwood really can benefit the club, even if its terminating a player’s contract like Denilson.

With Maroune Chamakh, Nikalas Bendtner, Ju Young Park as well as others reportedly on their way out and the expiring contracts of goalkeeper Lukas Fabianksi and midfielder Emmanual Frimpong, a lot more income could soon be generated and hopefully reinvested in wages available for incoming players. If all the ‘deadwood’ players are sold or their contracts end, the club could easily gain around £300k or more in wages, which can easily provide the wages of perhaps two world class players alone! What should Arsenal do with all this extra money?