Arsenal must be mad to consider buying Suarez!

In what originally seemed to be one of the jokes of the usual ‘silly transfer season’, it turns out that Arsenal have genuine interest in Liverpool’s main striker and in fact biggest talent Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan reportedly wants out of Anfield after several struggling years in Merseyside, where the club has failed to regain entry to Europe’s greatest club competition the Champions League.

At first the rumours emerged as just another one of those pieces of speculation to fill the gossip columns in the ‘Red Top’ newspapers, however the rumours quickly spread and it was then picked up by media from across Europe and eventually the BBC and Sky Sports News reported the news that a £30 million offer had been made for Suarez.

Wenger – We are normal but everyone else is crazy!

Arsene Wenger still trying to persuade everyone that he has the best interests of Arsenal Football Club at heart when he tries to balance the books every season.

He recently stated that the Gunners need to make at least 15-20 million profit every year before he can invest in the transfer market, and as the club is just about to announce a six-monthly profit of 55 million he has certainly already passed that mark with half a season to go.