Wenger – Van Persie contract will be sorted before Euro 2012 starts

The ongoing saga of Robin Van Persie’s contract talks with Arsenal have been the talking point of the season, and it looks to me that the only condition for him is that Arsenal win the Third Champions League place (and will have a chance to win it next season) before he agrees to sign his extension.

In my opinion this is why Arsene Wenger is confident that the Dutchman will make his decision very quickly after the end of the season. Yesterday’s draw with Chelsea (and Tottenham’s defeat) has brought that goal one step closer which prompted Wenger to say: “It will be sorted at the end of the season – before the Euros.”

It will definitely be worth finalizing any deals early as Van Persie’s Holland are one of the hot favourites in the Euro 2012 betting, and if he plays brilliantly in the Finals then the vultures will certainly be circling with even bigger-money offers for the Arsenal captain.

Another Arsenal player approaching the final year of his contract is Theo Walcott, and this may be a little harder to come to an agreement as I have a feeling that his demands may exceed Arsene Wenger’s valuation of his worth. A possibility that has struck me is that Wenger has done his utmost to tie Lukas Podolski down to an early deal as he thinks there is every chance that Walcott could be moving on…..

Walcott says that Oxlade-Chamberlain has given Fabio Capello a headache!

The Arsenal and England winger Theo Walcott believes that the emergence of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the last few weeks will give Fabio Capello a “good headache” when he has to decide who to take with him to this summers Euro 2012 tournament.

Walcott couldn’t hide his admiration for the 18 year-old and thinks The Ox will now keep his place in the Arsenal first team as well, despite his age. Walcott said: “He’s very direct and he likes to get at players, which is what any Arsenal fan likes to see,”

“He has plenty of confidence and is young – he’s a player who nobody in the Premier League has faced before so he’s totally new to the game.

“He’s learning every day in training and you can see now that he is getting games, which is very important. I think with the way he is playing at the moment he will keep that position.

“It was nice to see us both playing well and hopefully we can just continue to do it for Arsenal now. You never know what might happen with England.

“We have plenty of pace in this England team now. It’s not just Alex and me, it’s the likes of Stewart Downing and Ashley Young too – there’s so many I don’t want to leave anybody out.

“There are plenty of options for the manager [Fabio Capello] so he’s going to have a good headache I’m sure.”

Capello could certainly take all four of them to the Euros, but who would he actually pick to play when it comes to the crunch?

Capello Fixating Over Chamberlain Debut

Arsenal’s rising star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain might become the next high potential national squad player for England sooner than everybody thought as Capello is planning on calling him up for the friendly match against Holland from the end of the month.

Capello seems set to get Chamberlain ready for this season’s EURO 2012, and the game against Holland is the perfect moment to do that.

“Obviously it [England call-up] would be very nice, but I have just got to keep my feet on the ground and take it step by step.”, declared Chamberlain.

“I am focusing on Arsenal at the moment, and am in the under-21 squad. All I can do is concentrate on what I am involved in.”

Having already won the U-21 call-up and proven his worth for the youth national team squad, Chamberlain is now readier than ever to make the move to the senior squad after some impressive appearances for Arsenal.

Those performances and also the first two goals in his career in the Premiership caught Capello’s eye and Chamberlain might continue his phenomenal rise with a call-up to the national squad. Sure, he’s not yet ready to help the squad in a real way, but till the summer a lot can change and the Gunner might even become a first team player if he keeps progressing at this rate. Do you think he’ll be able to catch a first team spot?

Chamberlain’s Not Interested In EURO Possibility

Arsenal’s wonderkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain confirmed his incredible late form with a great appearance today against Blackburn and with two excellent goals, the first of his life in the Premier League.

“It was an enjoyable day for everyone,” he told Sky Sports.

“We knew we had to bounce back after the 0-0 away at Bolton and the amount of chances we created there but failed to score. We knew that if we created chances eventually we would take them and today, by the scoreline, I think we did take them.

“We have been looking for that all season and I think we are back to normal ways now. We just have to take this as a positive step and keep pushing on.

“It’s always nice to be on the goal sheet but, for me, it’s about the team not the final score. But it was nice to score and to have a brace at the same time in the Premier League, I am very happy with that.”

When asked if he’s thinking about going with England at the EURO 2012 this year the youngster replied:

“Not really. First things first, I have to keep my place in the Arsenal team and keep doing well for this football club.

“I am involved in the U21 squad at the moment, so that is what I am focusing on. Until that happens, I can’t really comment on that.

“Obviously it would be nice, it’s what I aspire to do as a footballer, but I have to keep my feet on the ground and keep working hard.”

With these kinds of appearances Chamberlain will not only travel to Poland and Ukraine but will also make room for himself in the first team with Capello being a known admirer of the youngster. Wilshere might also be there as things are progressing with his injury, but it’s still unknown if he’s going to make it.

Van Persie Will Have To Attack Mertesacker Soon

The new question floating around the Emirates stadium is what will happen in the challenge between Arsenal’s striker Robin Van Persie and central defender Per Mertesacker when Per’s Germany will meet Robin’s Netherlands at the EURO 2012.

When asked about RVP’s opinion when he heard of the results, Mertesacker replied:

“He said he would be happy to see me next summer!” Per told Arsenal.com “That was the first thing he said after the draw.

“This is not a friendly though, it’s a tough game and therefore both of us want to go through the group stage.

“It will be very tough to stop Robin. [Sometimes he plays on the right for Holland but] I think his best position is in the front, in the middle. There he can use his unbelievable skills. He is so reliable in scoring goals it is incredible.

“It’s a good group, obviously it’s one of the best at the Euros. I’m looking forward to playing those big teams and players like Robin.”

Robin is likely to have Huntelaar by his side to help him while Mertesacker will probably pair up with Hummels in the attempt to keep the Dutch strikers as far away as possible and stop them from scoring.

Wenger – Wilshere will be back from injury soon hopefully

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger spoke about England’s chances against France in the EURO 2012 group and also underlined the fact that the Lions need as much help they can get and that means having most of the players available.

The Frenchman also underlined the importance of Jack Wilshere and the fact that even if he gets back in form nobody can promise he’ll be good enough to go at the European with England.

“If all the players are available it is difficult to predict,” he added. “England have a disadvantage as they do not have [Wayne] Rooney, who is not only a good player but gives confidence in the dressing room.”

“Will [Jack] Wilshere be back? Hopefully. But no one has enough authority to predict a super favourite.”

Rooney’s absence could prove vital, but Wilshere will also be a very important piece of the puzzle if he manages to get back in the form which consecrated him. By then he will be 20 and he will have a lot to offer, and other Gunners like Walcott or even Chamberlain might bring an extraordinary aid to England’s success.

Wenger – It’s not early for the OX

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is afraid that calling Chamberlain to the 2012 EURO might not be such a good idea at such an early stage in his life and that the boss must make sure to take him step by step in order to help the player develop to his full potential.

“I would like to see [him go to Euro 2012] but let’s go step by step,” said the Frenchman. “I think in England you always take the fast track. To go to the European Championships you need experience in the Premier League so it is important he gets that first.

“He is not far [from being ready for the Premier League]. At the moment we have been quite consistent with the team we put out because we are on a good run and have had no injuries.

“I believe he is still in a period where training every day with top players is important for him to improve. He has quality when he plays in games – he is not fazed by the importance of them. He’s the kind of personality that makes you think he can play on the big stage.

“You have seen him already before Christmas and I have no restrictions at all. For me, if I need him he will play. I don’t think it is too early for him to play anymore.”

Chamberlain managed to impress with his late phenomenal form, but he still has a lot of improvement to do. A midfield section with Arteta, Song, Wilshere and Chamberlain could look great if Wenger will manage to get all of the players on the pitch at once. He did it last year when Nasri and Fabregas were on the field, so perhaps he’ll be able to do the same again.

Chamberlain – The English senior squad is not my priority now

Arsenal’s new wonderkid Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain spoke a bit about himself to the club’s official website. It seems that the player is not yet interested to hear the rumours about him joining the England senior national squad to next year’s EURO 2012 because he still wants to concentrate to get into the first team at Arsenal.

“I do not look too much into that because at the moment it has not happened,” he said. “I am not in the senior squad, I am in the Under-21s and the way I see it is that we go away in February and that is my focus.”

“I have a lot of impressing to do at Arsenal before I think about going away with England in the summer.”

“But if people are saying that, it is quite flattering to know you are being considered. My focus, though, is here at Arsenal, trying to get into the squad.”

“People are going to immediately compare me to Theo,” he admitted. “We came to Arsenal at a similar age, in similar positions, so it is an easy comparison to make.”

“We are completely different players though. Theo is more of a winger or a striker, whereas I have always grown up as an attacking midfielder, who has later gone out wide.”

“There are a lot of differences but at the same time Theo is a great player so for me to be compared to him is good.”

Chamberlain managed to impress everybody after only a short time spent at Arsenal. If he will continue to play like that he will surely have a great chance of becoming a regular part of the first team and why not the senior national team as well. The future of the team with Wilshere and Chamberlain in the midfield seems very bright, and Wenger’s hard work might be paying out soon.

Wenger:”England are outsiders for Euro 2012”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger said in the last conference press before the game against Sunderland that England’s national team has no chance in winning the Euro 2012, and that they would be better off with an English manager leading them towards European glory.

“Harry Redknapp is a candidate, he is English, he is ready, he is happy to do it and you [the media] have already chosen him, so don’t doubt it too much!”

“I always told you that for me the national team needs an English manager and I will never change that view for one minute.”

“I will keep my exact principle and I think it is important for you [English people] as well because if a foreign manager wins a European Championship you will say somewhere that it is not completely an English triumph.”

“For me England are outsiders [for Euro 2012]. They can maybe win it if they click just right at the time of the competition and their main players – Gerrard, Rooney – are in fantastic form.

“For example Steven Gerrard has not played for a long time now but if he comes back after a good rest in top form, then why not? And Capello has the quality to get the best out of the team, you cannot deny that.”

This statement of Wenger’s might be seen as an attack on England’s manager Fabio Capello, but it’s really not. All Wenger is trying to say is that the English would be better off having this joy as a family with no outside visitors, and at the moment that’s what Fabio Capello is for England’s national team. A great manager, but still an outsider.