OOPS! Arsenal reveal Wenger replacement plans on his 20th anniversary

I am not saying that the people behind the secnes at the club and the Arsenal board are wrong to be making plans to replace our long serving manager Arsene Wenger. It would be daft if they did not put some thought into it, even if they are expecting the Frenchman to stay after his current contract runs out at the end of the year.

The timing, however, of the revelation by Ivan Gazidis on an Arsenal supporter’s forum reported by the Daily Express could hardly have been worse, as this week and specifically today the 22nd of September, marks the 20th anniversary of the prof starting his career as the manager of our great football club.

The Arsenal WOBs are not going to be happy!

It looks like the minority of Arsenal fans who tried to organize protests against Arsene Wenger at the end of the season are going to be feeling disappointed now that Ivan Gazidis has announced that Wenger is fit and well and still making long term plans for the club.

The Gunners CEO also reiterated that Le Prof will be the one that decides when he cannot go on and he expects Wenger to give the Board plenty of notice before the event but he is not even considering the possibility at the present time.

YES! Arsenal ARE in talks over Cech transfer says boss!

It looks like Arsenal could be set to complete our first, and arguably the most important, transfer deal of the summer window. The player in question is the Chelsea veteran Petr Cech and so we have to assume that the talks he was due to have with the Stamford Bridge club yesterday went well.

There had been some fears that Chelsea would go back on their agreement to allow their long serving star to choose his own destination, and Jose Mourinho declared he would have done it it was up to him. But after a report by Metro today revealed that the CEO of the Gunners Ivan Gazidis confirmed that he was in talks with Cech and Chelsea over the move, it looks like Arsenal will get our man.

Final proof that Arsenal are lying to fans?

It seems to happen every year to Arsenal fans and we keep falling for it. The club promises the earth and delivers a handful of dirt. Now although it was painful and frustrating to sell our best players and replace them with inferior ones, if at all, while paying off the Emirates stadium, I think we could at least understand that there was a plan for the future.

Do Arsenal finances mean Wenger will Spend, Spend, Spend?

Arsenal Football Club has today confirmed that it has once again made a profit the season of 2012 / 2013, in some news that will surely be received with mixed responses. Firstly without getting into all the financial details, basically at the end of day, the main figure we need to focus on as fans is the ‘Group profit before tax’ which was £6.7 million. This isn’t the most spectacular figure in the club’s history, with the amount actually being £36.6 million in the 2011 / 2012 accounting.

Arsenal and Wenger can’t blame modern football – Deal with it!

After what was a disastrous weekend for the Arsenal, many of those defending Wenger and the board have used the argument of “Football has gone mad and it’s not Wenger and Gazidis’ fault that we can’t keep up with the ludicrous spending”. However, I feel that argument is a poor one and can certainly be seen as hypocritical.

Football has exploded with ridiculous transfer fees and ridiculous wages. It has been extremely difficult for Arsenal to compete, partly because of the introduction of Oligarchs who have bought the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG etc. I completely understand that it’s been difficult for Arsenal in this period of time but we’ve exacerbated the problem certainly.

Villa game highlights the need for BIG changes at Arsenal

Before the game yesterday vs. Aston Villa, people were already beginning to slate Wenger off and question his ability to manage Arsenal anymore, considering some of his statements, decisions and policies. And then after the game the stance was just the same, except the aggressiveness and arguments were heightened by about one-thousand percent! And to be honest, rightly so. It was a shambolic game that humiliated all those associated with Arsenal and Wenger deserves to have questions raised over him.

Arsenal now reduced to hoping and waiting on Suarez!!

It is well known that Luis Suarez is battling with the Liverpool hierarchy to try and force through a move to Arsenal so he can play Champions League football with us in the coming season. The question is whether Liverpool will remain firm and stubbornly refuse to sell, or whether Suarez will abandon his wrangling, and it seems there is nothing for the Gunners to do but wait and hope.

We have had two failed bids and Suarez has stepped up his efforts to leave this week by going public with the whole situation. He is having to train alone now and the owner, the manager and everybody linked with the club has told him that he is going nowhere.

Arsenal face striker crisis if Suarez bid fails- Who else could we get?

We face a serious problem at Arsenal if we can’t sign Luis Suarez which is looking like a big possibility at the moment. The problem is that there are no more world class players left for us to sign and no current targets for Arsenal.

I am calling on Arsenal fans reading this to at least try and start rumours to get things rolling in people’s minds. If the Arsenal fans continue the summer believing that a player like Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be joining the club, Mr Wenger will have to take notice and do something because if we end the transfer window with a player like Bobby Zamora leading the line, there will be a lynch mob at every game.

Rooney would like Arsenal transfer but we should forget him

There have been several articles in newspapers in Britain that claim that Wayne Rooney would like a move to Arsenal – but only if his move to Chelsea falls through.

If this is true (which is unlikely) then we shouldn’t want Rooney, but focus on Suarez or somebody else. Arsene Wenger has said earlier in the summer that he would find it hard to turn Rooney down if the opportunity to sign him presented itself. Ivan Gazidis then added to the speculation a week or two later and said just about the same things and as the man who deals with transfers usually, that meant that Arsenal must have been preparing bids for him.