Koscielny – Home form will decide Arsenal’s place in table

Arsenal start the New Year in fourth place in the Premiership, and the French defender Laurent Koscielny believes that if the Gunners can win their home games against the other top four teams then there is no reason why they can’t finish even higher by the end of the season.

“It is good for us that we are fourth,” Koscielny said. “So we need to stay in fourth spot and maybe even get to third. We work every day to get stronger.

“We know we still have to play at home against Chelsea, Manchester Utd, Manchester City and Tottenham, so we have the cards in our hands. We can go higher in the table if we win at home.”

Tottenham still have to play away at most of their rivals too, so overtaking them is not an impossibility. Even if everyone keeps telling us to forget about them and concentrate on our own games, I just can’t!