Arsenal legend expects Trophies next year

Freddie Ljungburg is an Arsenal legend who played an important role alongside arguably some of Arsenal’s greatest ever players and won numerous trophies under Arsene Wenger’s reign. Almost 10 years on from our invincible season, the same manager remains but not the same ambitions, club and mentality. The club has admittedly gone into a decline from what we knew as Arsenal’s past glories, but Ljungburg believes the club will regain silverware and its winning mentality next season.

Invincible returning to Arsenal!

Arsenal announced yesterday that former Arsenal legend and fan favourite for many people Freddie Ljungburg will return to Arsenal as a club ambassador for the Asia Pre-Season trip and promote Arsenal during their tour. This may have little to absolutely no influence on the team as a whole but there are a few interesting points to consider that arouse around this story.