How can Arsenal boss talk about selling to a rival?

With the news that Manchester United are lighting up the transfer window with just over a week to go, Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has had his say on the ongoing transfer. The latest news out of the Premier League is that Juan Mata’s £40 million move from Chelsea to Manchester United looks very likely to go ahead with the Spaniard set to have his medical tonight.

However whilst Arsenal seemingly sit back and do nothing, Wenger made it very clear that he cannot quite believe the news regarding the transfer. Wenger told the media in his press conference prior to tomorrow’s FA Cup game against Coventry City:

He said, “I’m surprised Mata is allowed to go because he is a great player. And Chelsea are strengthening a direct opponent. It opens up transfer market, Chelsea don’t play United again. They could have sold Mata two weeks ago.”

Wenger seems a little frustrated at the news and so be it because I’m sure he still regrets the way Chelsea initially signed the Spaniard from right under our noses in the first place just over three years ago. He was meant to be signing for Arsenal with the fee all in place and agreed with then current club Valencia, but Chelsea swooped in with a last minute offer to take the playmaker to Stamford Bridge rather than the Emirates.

The move marks a big money transfer similar to the fiasco that happened on deadline day of the last window. Mesut Ozil made a deadline day move of his own from Real Madrid to Arsenal in a deal worth over £40 million. Many believe that Mata will rival our German, however I think there is little to worry about because at the end of the day despite Mata being a top player, I think even from an unbiased point of view a fan would still probably want the assist king Mesut Ozil on their team than benchwarmer Juan Mata.

Have Arsenal missed the boat on Mata if Mourinho was willing to sell, or is it like Wenger said a more tactical move from the Blues having seen United as no threat to the title this season, as well as the fact Mata can help take points off other top teams with United. Would you have liked Mata at Arsenal considering there is no doubt Wenger held an interest in him? There were rumours over the course of the season that Wenger was considering making a move for the Spain international, however for the price that he was, as well as the fact we already have enough midfielders, I think Wenger should put this one to bed and focus on beating Mata’s side when he comes to face the Arsenal!

After all, he sold RvP, Nasri, Clichy, Cole and more to Premier League rivals himself didn’t he?

Arsenal need Mata to force his transfer from Chelsea – Not likely!!

Latest reports regarding Arsenal’s interest in Chelsea and Spanish midfielder Juan Mata have arisen today, with several media sites claiming that Mata would leave Stamford Bridge but he must hand in a transfer request if he wishes to move away from the club in the next two days.

Arsenal have had a long association with Juan Mata, having kept an eye on him for several years before finally making a move, only for London rivals Chelsea to swoop in and capture him from under our noses. He seemed keen on Arsenal before, although some state that he saw us as a smaller club than Chelsea, hence why he chose those in blue over us. However, with new Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho coming in and making a clear statement that Juan Mata doesn’t fit his style of play, he is unlikely to get a lot of game time.

For this reason, Mata could want to get out the club before he faces a spell on the sidelines, but with Mourinho also making it clear Mata won’t be sold under the manager’s wish, then Mata may have to submit a transfer request if he intends to leave the club, according to the Mirror.

Mata was Chelsea’s best player last season and took on a massive role to fill the boots of Didier Drogba’s superiority. He was successful in this and turned into a world class player that would surely get into any other team in the world, except seemingly for Chelsea’s.

Rumours were heightened over Wenger’s interest in Mata, firstly when it was reported that his agent and father were at the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal vs Fenerbahce after receiving an invite to the game, whilst Wenger then had a cheeky smile and was very closed up but hinting when questioned about Mata at the end of the game.

If we manage to pull ofr the transfer of Juan Mata it will be a real coup and surely make up for the disappointment of the summer so far. Add possibly another two players to this one on deadline day and I’m sure Arsenal fans will forget this summer like it never happened.

Does Mata’s agent at Arsenal indicate transfer coming?

At last night’s second leg qualification game for entry to the Champions’ League group stages, Juan Mata’s agent was present at the Emirates, after being invited to a Director’s box for the game of Arsenal vs. Fenerbahce. Speculation quickly fuelled when the story broke out and so the media stories today are reporting of Wenger’s plot for Mata.

Arsenal has held an interest in Mata for a few years and were very close to signing him at one point. We had the fee agreed and advanced talks were supposedly taking place, only for London rivals Chelsea to swoop in and do the deal under our noses. It was a big disappointment because even when he was at Valencia in Spain he was a top class player and since coming to Chelsea he has done nothing but improve.

After two dazzling seasons with Chelsea in which he has arguably become their main player, suddenly this season with the return of Jose Mourinho to the Bridge, Mata has been frozen out because he does not fit Mourinho’s style of play. As a result, suggestions have been flying around that Mata is looking for a move away and although Chelsea aren’t keen to sell their playmaker, it’s a sale that I think could potentially happen in the next few days.

Whether or not that sale will be to Arsenal remains to be seen, but when Wenger was asked about the agent being present at the game, he replied with his usual cheeky but hinting smile whilst stating that he simply didn’t know. I reckon there’s something building here, however we also most remember that an agent represents several players not just Mata aside, he also represents the likes of Messi, Aguero and a whole host of REAL MADRID players! I am of course not suggesting we are in for Messi, but the interesting fact is the Real Madrid players and it’s quite possible that Wenger and the agent were in talks and then as the game was on that evening, the agent was invited along. Seems very plausible to me!

If it is in fact Juan Mata we are dealing with then of course it will not be a disappointment. He is a fantastic player and would be a great addition to any team. We cannot say Chelsea won’t sell to us because Mourinho has made it very clear he has no problem with selling to rivals however I’m sure it will take a huge bid from Arsenal to obtain Mata from Chelsea. I suppose all we can do is hope.

Wenger may want Mata but Mourinho will not sell to Arsenal

Over the last couple of days a new transfer rumour has done the rounds to add to the endless list of players Arsenal have been linked with so far this summer, and this time around the player speculated to be joining Arsenal is the Chelsea and Spain International midfielder Juan Mata.

Firstly can I say that this is definitely a rumour and in no way could I ever see this deal coming off. If it wasn’t for the reports that suggested Chelsea had offered him as part of the deal for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, then I’m sure this speculation would have never arisen. Another factor is that Mourinho apparently doesn’t like flair players and so that’s why he is supposedly keen to get rid of the main man in Chelsea’s midfield.

I consider Chelsea and Arsenal to be of similar standards, despite a clear difference in spending on talent. The last few seasons have shown how the two London clubs have been similar in performances and consistency and as I mentioned, despite the differences in talent, both teams always seem to finish with only a few points difference come the end of the season, while the two Manchester clubs dominate throughout the league. This is another reason why even if Mourinho does allow Mata to leave, in no way would he allow the Spaniard to move across London to Arsenal and therefore strengthen a direct rival.

The only plausible thing about this story is that Wenger was very interested in the player when he was at Valencia, we even reportedly agreed a fee with the Spanish club, but as per usual we were stalling on the wages and the publicised news allowed Chelsea to swoop in and take him from right under our noses.

The whole point of this article was just to say that nobody should really be getting their hopes up. Having been linked with the likes of Rooney and Suarez, you may be open to the possibility that we may be interested in Mata, and I’m sure Wenger would be, but to me this is a completely different situation and so I just can’t see any deal happening.

Is Wenger right to keep Arsenal transfers a secret?

Many people have often wondered why, when it comes to transfer targets and Arsenal, Wenger likes to keep his cards close to his chest and reveal as little information as possible to the media. Other teams like to be a little more public about their dealings, but it isn’t as common as a lot of people seem to presume and so it’s in fact not that strange for a manager to stay quiet on his transfer business.

With the media as eager as us Arsenal fans are to find out about Arsenal transfer negotiations, a question on Arsenal’s transfer situation was posed to Wenger at the club’s recent press-conference, during the team’s pre-season tour of Asia.

Arsene Wenger replied, “As you know the transfer period demands secrets and confidentiality, so I can’t answer the question”

The Frenchman, who has revealed he could soon sign a new contract, has once again blocked any attempt of the media to find out who will be coming or going from the club this summer and if I’m honest I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger doesn’t clearly know the answer himself. But the reason why Wenger likes to keep some privacy over the club’s transfer matters is so other clubs can’t find out about Arsenal’s business publicly.

Public announcements of Arsenal’s interest in a player have led to the club missing out on some top players including Juan Mata, who was close to joining Arsenal from Valencia only for Chelsea to make a late swoop for the Spaniard. The same thing often happens with outgoing players from the club and normally upon or during negotiations, Arsenal will ask for the deal to remain private until it is officially done in order to make sure there is minimal interference, however occasionally other clubs seem to break the agreement and ultimately the deal then becomes closed off. An example of this is believed to be of Yann M’Vila last year.

Ultimately, although it may frustrate you not to know Arsenal’s negotiations and having to deal with the silence surrounding the club, its actually far more beneficial then you may first think. The downside is we get the media frustrating us by posting conflicting stories, but that’s the life of an Arsenal fan during the transfer window I suppose.

Arsenal should go all out to sign Juan Mata – Get him Wenger!

There are reports coming in today that new Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho may be willing to sell Juan Mata and Barcelona have emerged as early contenders for his signature. Such a player being available is too good an opportunity to miss out on which is why I think Arsene Wenger should make a shock move to bring Mata to the Emirates.

Such a transfer would be a great victory for the club but the transfer record may have to be smashed for him. With the club having around £70 Million to spend, a good chunk of that could be used to prise Mata to the club along with a couple of others like Gonzalo Higuain.

The first issue with signing Mata is where he would play. He plays in similar positions to Santi Cazorla which means his best position is attacking midfield or just behind the striker. Like Cazorla he can play on either wing when required because of his pace and technical ability. However Mata can play as the lone striker if needed which he did at Valencia before the arrival of Roberto Soldado. Mata has not played as the central striker since then but he was very prolific when he did.

He could be used in any of these positions and he would be deadly in every single one of them without a doubt.
Some people may be thinking that we have enough players here and we need proper strikers and defenders and a defensive midfielder, but it is very rare that the chance to sign somebody as good as Mata comes along.

Mata would probably be the club’s biggest transfer in years and would put the criticisms about Arsenal being too cheap to bed. The fact that the club does not spend over £15million on individual players any more is one of the major concerns at the club and by signing Mata, the club can only grow and begin challenging for titles again.

If there is any slight chance of signing him, Wenger should break the bank and get him at all costs because he can take the club to the next level.

Should the manager look to Mata to bring the club future glory?