Nasri writes off Arsenal as title challengers!

There are a few ex-Arsenal players that have left the club on bad terms, but definitely one of the most annoying has to be Man City’s Sami Nasri, who just seems to revel in upsetting his former fans.

Today he has been spouting off that Arsenal have no chance of winning the Premiership, and considers Man City’s biggest rivals to be Chelsea this season.

“I think Chelsea will be the biggest threat,” he said. “For me, Arsenal still have a weakness in defensive midfield and at centre-back.

Arsenal didn’t want me anymore!

The Manchester City player Samir Nasri has claimed that the long delay in offering him a new Arsenal contract convinced him that he wasn’t wanted at the Emirates. Nasri, it would be recalled, left London in acrimonious fashion back in August, 2011.

The 26-year old attacking midfielder joined Arsenal in 2008 for a reported 12 million pounds. Upon joining the club, Nasri disclosed that Wenger was the main reason for his move to England.

Man City man backs Arsenal to lift FA cup!! Is he fishing?

If Samir Nasri gets his wish, and Arsenal win the FA cup, it will mean that those Arsenal players that he abandoned have had a more successful season that him, for the first time since he left in 2011. His new team Man City also won nothing last season, but they still finished above us in the Premier League.

The reason Nasri says, in a Telegraph report, that he is really hoping that the Gunners knock down theur last obstacles to a trophy, is that he feels that Arsene Wenger has been treated badly by the media, the Arsenal fans and especially by the Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

What would Arsenal do without Santi Cazorla?

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Arsenal’s Spanish magician Santi Cazorla and although he has confirmed that he is happy to remain with the Gunners, you can never be too sure in football these days. Now I don’t want to cause a major debate or argument because it’s highly unlikely that Cazorla will be joining the much interested Atletico Madrid, however should another offer come around can you be certain he won’t leave?

Before we go any further here are the quotes, in which he states his response to the on-going reports surrounding the Spaniard with a move back to his homeland with Athletico Madrid.

Samir Nasri shows he’s a good loser (NOT!) with four-letter rant!

The ex-Arsenal traitor Samir Nasri has shown the world that he still hasn’t grown up despite being saying at the end of last season: “I’ve matured, I’m now a champion in England and can handle these pressure situations,”

Nasri became a figure of hate for Arsenal fans after he forced Arsene Wenger to sell him to Man City and then followed it up by many anti-Arsenal comments during the season.

Nasri still thinks he is better off with Man City!

The war between former Arsenal player Samir Nasri and Arsenal fans, especially the outspoken Piers Morgan, continue after the beating that City was handed by Arsene Wenger’s team yesterday.

A few Twitter attacks from Arsenal fans got the better of Samir Nasri who counter attacked, making things surely worse than they were when he left the club.

The French midfielder left in a terrible circumstances last summer, and Piers Morgan never forgave him for leaving the club for what he called to be “personal motivation”. According to Nasri, he didn’t leave for City’s money, but for a chance to win the trophy, and it’s exactly there where Morgan, amongst others, attacked him.

Na$ri – Let’s discuss me leaving Arsenal when I have a trophy at the end of the season! HaHa!

I couldn’t resist posting this interview with Samir Nasri that was published last August (In fact it was the day that Arsenal were beaten 8-2 by Man Utd and Nasri’s City were top of the League)

He was asked if he left Arsenal for his 200,000 a week wages or because he wanted to win trophies, and he replied: “Let people think what they want. I know my choice and I know it is a choice about football.”

“We will see at the end of the season when we lift the trophy and we will talk about my choice again and I will show everyone who was thinking it was about money that they were wrong.”

Samir Nasri is an idiot

Former Arsenal player Samir Nasri accused Frenchman Arsene Wenger of “overplaying him”. According to the French attacking midfielder even though his form was much better when he played for the Gunners, he wasn’t feeling as good as he does now playing for City.

Arsenal’s fans accused the French midfielder of leaving the club for pure financial reasons and for choosing City’s money over his own desire, but according to himself it was about something much different than that, he prefers to send his time on the bench!

“At Arsenal, I played too much.” Nasri whined.

Samir Nasri – Arsenal need to learn to ‘Win Ugly’

The ex-Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri refused to sign a new contract at the Emirates last season and Arsene Wenger was forced to sell the French international to Manchester City for £24million in the summer.

Nasri has had trouble breaking into the City first team after some indifferent performances and has only actually played the whole 90 minutes for City nine times since his arrival, but still thinks he made the right decision to leave Arsenal and is now ready to show his best.