Arsenal rumour roundup Jan 18th – Kaka, Arshavin, No-one, Dann, Squillaci and Cisse

Reading the Arsenal rumours every morning becomes more and more depressing, especially when you read things like Newcastle signing the classy striker Papa Cisse for just 7m quid. Surely he would have been worth buying as an excellent backup to Van Persie? We have all given up on Chamakh, and Park just seems to have been brought in as a cheerleader……

The repeated rumour that Arsenal are going to try and get Kaka on loan from Real Madrid is just a load of Kaka! Not only has Wenger already said that the Arsenal midfield is already “too crowded”, there is not a hope in hell that Wenger would sanction matching the wages he gets in Madrid. Oh and it started from Caughtoffside…Nuff said!

The Mail are under the impression that the Blackburn defender Scott Dann is going to follow Christopher Samba out the door as he is “urgently seeking talks with Steve Kean” with a view to leaving. They think that both Arsenal and Liverpool are interested in buying him this month, but surely Blackburn can’t afford to lose both their first-choice centre-backs and still expect to stay in the Premiership? But if they stay and are unhappy is that just as bad…..

The latest on Arshavin is that Lazio are keen to take him to Serie A,according to the Mirror, but yesterday a red-top said that Arshavin wouldn’t leave London because his kids love it and he wants them to get citizenship. Personally I don’t believe either story….

The Sun has a headline saying “Wenger refuses to spend (again)”. They reckon that Wenger is going to anger the fans by buying no-one at all, but qualify that by saying that the “only thing that might change his mind is a disastrous result against Manchester United at the Emirates on Sunday.” So, in other words, Wenger may buy or he may not……

Everyone is talking about Squillaci going back to Monaco as if its a done deal, but I have seen very little evidence that this is true. But as they are currently in the French second division then that may be Squillaci’s level right now so I wouldn’t be surprised….

If I had to choose the most likely scenario out of all those above, I would pick the Sun’s “No-one at all” as the most likely, closely followed by the Squillaci exit. As for the rest……Kaka!