Wenger Proved That Tottenham Can’t Compare To The Gunners!

The London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham started horribly wrong for the Gunners but ended in great fashion as Robin Van Persie lead his team to perhaps the most successful game of the season.

Two quick goals from Saha and Adebayor from an invented penalty saw Arsenal lead 2-0 very early in the game and Wenger seemed hopeless after only 34 minutes in the London derby, while Dalglish was probably already thinking that he’ll rendered a club legend after he’ll leave the Spurs for the English national squad, but the Gunners had other plans.

After missing a few good chances through Robin, Arsenal finally scored when Arteta crossed the ball brilliantly to Sagna who smashed the ball into the net with an amazing header. The Gunners pushed on and only 10 minutes after Tottenham were going two up they managed to pull level after an brilliant shot from outside the box by Van Persie.

Unwanted midfielder Thomas Rosicky showed that he still has a lot to offer to the club when in the 51st minute he managed to get to the ball first and finish a low cross bringing the score to 3-2. The other player at Arsenal who has been highly criticized lately, Theo Walcott, brought the win for the Gunners and closed the scoreboard after two goals which brought his season total at 5.

After this win the Gunners have an amazing mojo going into the second leg game against Milan and finally managed to shut close the mouths of every Tottenham fan who was insisting on the fact that Arsenal are behind the Spurs for the first time in 16 years. Take that!

Arsenal are twice as rich and pay 40% MORE than Spurs in wages – WTF?

As Arsenal prepare to face their great rivals Tottenham on Sunday there are certain questions that have arisen in the differences between the way the two clubs are run, especially as Spurs are currently ten points ahead of Arsenal and seemingly certain to reach the Champions League next year.

The big difference everyone noticed in the summer was that Spurs REFUSED to sell Luka Modric depite the Croatians obvious wish to leave, while Arsenal let Cesc Fabregas leave on the cheap to Barcelona.

Secondly, Arsenal are the third-richest club on the planet according to Forbes, but what the article didn’t mention is that Tottenham are 11th, with a turnover of around half of Arsenals ($179m against $336m)

Thirdly it was revealed last night that Arsenal pay out 40% more in wages than Tottenham, but it is obvious who has the better players right now. The Arsenal Supporters Trust spokesman Tim Payton said last night about Arsenal’s failure to win a trophy for the seventh successive season. He said: “But questions need to be asked. We had a summer profit of £50m on player trading, lots of money in the bank and figure out whether there was money to invest and where we might be going.

“Last year, there was a collapse on the four trophies then straight after there was a 6.5 per cent rise on top of the most expensive tickets in world football.

“A worry for next year for the fans is that next year they will be paying for Thursday night football rather than the Champions League they’ve been used to.

“We spend so much on wages. This year we’re going to spend 40 per cent more than Spurs, it’s £130m wage bill. Are we overpaying a lot of players that we then can’t move on.

“Our business model has fallen behind. Our sponsorship is not up for renewal until 2014. We can’t compete for the very best players.”

How come, with all the massive financial advantages that Arsenal have, Tottenham are ten points above us in the League?

Wenger doesn’t care about Spurs in his fight to the top.

Arsene Wenger played along with Wilshere’s bet for a while, but now it’s time to be serious about things and the Frenchman declared that he doesn’t care that much about who is on top of whom just as long as they reach the target at the end of the season, and for the moment the target is to be in the top four.

“At the moment Spurs are fighting for the top four like we do. At the end we can both be in the top four, and we will try everything possible to be in front of them, but that is not enough for me,” said Wenger

“With or without Tottenham what we want is to be in the top four, that is our target.”

Wenger added: “It is a long way to go. I don’t believe we have to focus on Spurs, we have to focus on us improving.”

“It is important that we don’t get confused about what we want to achieve. What we want to do is improve and play better.”

“We have come from far. You could see the game at Chelsea has helped the team to improve.”

“Our consistency has helped the team improve, and qualifying from the Champions League group will give us a lift again.”

A few days back Wenger was a bit more enthusiastic and was speaking about the possibility to fight for the title. Perhaps that he will speak about that again if Arsenal will manage to win against Manchester City at the end of the month and close the gap a little bit on the current leaders.