Arsenal very short of players for Fulham clash

Luckily for Arsenal they are going through a generous period of the fixture list and could probably afford to rotate a little bit, which is just as well as they have EIGHT players on the injury list ahead of this weekends fixture against Fulham.

Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky, Nicklas Bendtner, Theo Walcott, Nacho Monreal, Abou Diaby and Thomas Vermaelen are all extremely doubtful for the game as Wenger explained: “Monreal looks a doubt for Saturday, a big doubt, because he twisted his foot on the kick. It is not the bruise, he turned and twisted the ligament. Rosicky had surgery with a general anaesthetic for a broken nose in two places. With a mask he may be available, but we have to monitor it closely,”

“Ramsey and Arteta are both out for this game. Vermaelen too. I personally believe the three will miss the Coventry game as well and will be available after that. Bendtner has a little chance to make Coventry. But in all probability it will be after that.”

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is said to be back in tip-top condition, but it is unlikely that Wenger will let him play the full 90 minutes so early in his comeback, so it looks like we could finally see Lukas Podolski given another hour to prove his worth.

But the good news is that all except Diaby and Walcott could be back for a gruelling set of fixtures in February and March…..

Walcott On His Way Out?

Even though the press is focusing all of its attention on Arsenal’s Robin Van Persie, the Dutchman is not the only top rated star who has refused to extend his contract, as Theo Walcott has also entered the last year of his contract with the Gunners.

The indecision hasn’t gone unnoticed as a host of clubs amongst which Chelsea, PSG and Juventus are believed to be hot on the winger’s trail, and if rumours are to be believed a transfer fee of £15million would  be enough to convince Arsenal’s officials to let Walcott go if the winger won’t agree to extend his contract with the club.

Everybody expected both Robin Van Persie and Walcott to sign new contracts as soon as they return from their Euro campaign, but the two stars have gone straight to holiday leaving the more important business for later in the summer.

Both Robin and Walcott are seemingly on their way out and their decisions are probably related to each other. If Robin will stay the speedy winger will surely take his example and continue with the Gunners, but in case the Dutchman leaves Wenger will surely be back to square one after the excellent transfers he’s made so far this summer. What do you think will happen?

Will Arsenal’s Forward Agree To A Contract Extension Any Time Soon?

Ever since the trophy drought at Arsenal started to get worse the Gunners have been encountering problems when having to deal with expiring contracts to some of their best players. Nasri refused to extend his contract, Clichy and Fabregas asked for permission to leave and now top players Robin Van Persie and Theo Walcott are about to be placed in the same pot if Wenger won’t do something about it soon.

Robin is not yet ready to extend his contract with the gunners as the striker is probably waiting to see  if they will be able to win any trophy this season. After he left the club, Fabregas adviced Robin to do the same if he still wants to win any trophies because he’s already 28 and not many clubs will be looking for him soon after this summer.

According to rumours the other forward who has been giving Wenger headaches, Theo Walcott, is now ready to give in and sign a contract extension with the Gunners. The winger was highly wanted throughout the winter break by teams like Liverpool or Juventus, but the newspapers say that he’s ready to sign with the club which found him when he was just a young talented kid.

Walcott Blames The Players. Shouldn’t He Only Blame Himself?

Arsenal’s out of form winger Theo Walcott thinks that the players must take responsibility, but really, he’s the one who should take the most because his late appearances have simply been below par.

‘The manager will take all the stick,’ he told the Daily Telegraph. ‘He looks after us. He believes in us.

‘As players we need to look at ourselves. We need to take responsibility. The last few games haven’t been good enough.

‘The worst thing is we have a lot of regrets. There are games we could have won. When you go to Swansea and score two goals you should win.’

‘We always like to reflect on the game in the dressing room, even at half-time, sharing our feelings on the game,’ he said.

‘Robin is a great captain who wants to win. He believes in the team and knows the team can do better.’

The problem is that Wenger can’t replace Walcott with anybody better at this time, and perhaps that’s why he can afford to play so badly. Arshavin is also playing poor, Park is not Arsenal material, Chamakh and Gervinho are away for the African Nations Cup and that just leaves Oxlade-Chamberlain to take over, but he’s much more needed than Arshavin so he has to take the Russian’s spot. How do you think would Wenger be able to solve things?

Wenger:”Walcott is a decisive player”

Arsene Wenger praised his winger Theo Walcott for the attitude he had lately and for the amount of work he puts in every training session. According to the French manager the Arsenal footballer is evolving into a better team player, and he will be a good asset for England’s national team at the Euro 2012.

“Yes, I think he has made progress as a team player,” said the manager. “He works very hard, Theo, because he’s naturally a guy who thinks ahead. And he works harder for the team. He is making progress, I think, this season.”

“You feel there is a real desire from him to play with the others, and that was perhaps his weak point before. I think at the moment he’s working very hard on that.

“I saw the England game [against Montenegro] and I thought he has worked hard for the team, but the whole team suffered. I’ve not seen the first 20 minutes but from 20 to 90, he was not the only one who suffered in this game, because Montenegro dominated the game.”

“I think he can make a decisive impact in every single game,” he said. “Even in that game, you can say ‘OK he had not a great game’, maybe, but he was efficient. And that’s the problem. “

“When you look at Theo, he’s a player who you think sometimes ‘he could have contributed more then’, but then you think ‘who scored the goal?’ Him. Or ‘who made the pass?’ It’s him. He’s a player who is efficient.”

Theo Walcott did indeed have some extraordinary performances since the season started, and he was one of the best Arsenal footballer despite the weak form the club is going through. Everybody is expecting The Gunners to bounce back, and Walcott seems to be the man who will help his colleagues get back in form before it’s too late.