Sanchez targets trophy treble after joining Arsenal

The stunning capture by Arsenal of the Chile international Alexis Sanchez has got the Arsenal fans, players past and present and the media buzzing with what he will add to the Gunners. And Sanchez himself seems just as excited to be coming to the Premier League with Arsenal.

The 25-year old arrived at his former club Barcelona too late to pick up a Champions League winners medal with them. He did pick up gongs for a La Liga title, a Copa Del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and Club World Cup to add to his three titles in South America, but he is hungry for more with Arsenal.

Wenger – Of course Arsenal winning trophies matters!

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been reminiscing about the last time he won the FA Cup back in 2005, and how the Gunners were outplayed by Man United but still ended up winning on penalties.

That was considered as “winning ugly” in those days, and Wenger is hoping that Arsenal can win in a bit more style this time around, and seems amazed at how long ago it was as that was the last trophy that we actually won!

“You don’t prepare games with that [winning ugly] in your mind,” Wenger said. “You prepare by thinking that the best chance to win is to play at your best.

Silent Stan speaks out on Arsenal and Wenger

Stan Kroenke is often labelled as silent Stan because of his seemingly ‘little’ involvement with Arsenal, despite being the club’s majority shareholder. Rarely attending games as well as the usual frequent meetings, if you have a question for Mr Kroenke then its perhaps more difficult than you may have first thought to get hold of him. However he was in attendance for this year’s annual general meeting (AGM) and was able to shed some light on what was going on at the club.

Should Wenger get a new Arsenal contract before the season starts?

It is being reported today that Arsenal will open talks with Arsene Wenger over a new contract weeks after the talks were first rumoured to be happening. The manager has been under more pressure in the last three or four seasons more than he ever has before at the club. Some fans have even called for his head several times in this uneasy period of time which, to me, is very surprising.

The club were on such a roll when Wenger first arrived. Premier League titles, Cup titles season after season and a Champions League final in 2006 but since then the club seems to have been on a downhill slide.

Sagna to stay at Arsenal as trophies beckon

Bacary Sagna did not have his best season for Arsenal last time around, not by a long way. At his age, we should not be too surprised that the recovery from two bad leg breaks in one year took a bit longer than we would have liked. Add to that his criticism of the club’s ambitions after selling van Persie and Song in the summer, while he stalled on his decision whether to renew his contract with the Gunners, and it is safe to say that he was not the most happy and popular player at the club.

Arsenal have the players now they just need the Belief!

Success focuses around many aspects of the footballing game. Some people say that it focuses around a game plan, the managerial tactics and the way the club is managed. Although all those factors are important to the success of the team, once you forget the figures, the statuses and the big names, you need to remember at the end of the day that there are 11 men out on the field that have the potential to go out and win a trophy. As long as you have the individual talent and the belief you can win then anything is possible. This is exactly what Arsenal need!

Gazidis – Arsenal need to get the right pieces in place to win trophies

“My message to our fans is that we are doing everything in our power to make sure that Arsenal can challenge for trophies next year.” said Mr. Gazidis.

In an extensive interview with he spoke about the rollercoaster season and praised the fans and staff for pulling together in difficult times. He also acknowledged that the loss of Fabregas and Nasri, along with Jack Wilshere’s injury were the major factors in Arsenal’s struggle.

He went on to claim that other clubs would have buckled under the pressure that Arsenal were under but the strength and unity of all Gunners got the team back into a creditable third place finish.

Szczesny – A couple more signings and Arsenal will win trophies

The young Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is disappointed that Arsenal didn’t manage to win a trophy this season, but he thinks that after the Gunners atrocious start to the season, Third Place can be considered a success.

He is also very happy that Arsenal have started the transfer window well by buying Lukas Podolski, but he still thinks that some more new arrivals are needed to make sure that the Gunners are back up at the top next time around.

“It is massive,” he said on “I said before that I don’t think people believed we could finish third.”

Wenger – We will spend what we need for Arsenal to win the Premiership

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has decided to learn from the past and finally make a change in the club’s mindset. According to the Frenchman, the same wise-spending values will remain the basic policies of the club, but this time he declared that the way Arsenal finish the season (more exactly the position they finish) will decide how much they will be ready to spend in order to win the Premiership trophy next season.

“What has not changed at all is our policy that we will be as ambitious as ever and spend the money we have available, if possible in an intelligent and a wise way.

Nasri still thinks he is better off with Man City!

The war between former Arsenal player Samir Nasri and Arsenal fans, especially the outspoken Piers Morgan, continue after the beating that City was handed by Arsene Wenger’s team yesterday.

A few Twitter attacks from Arsenal fans got the better of Samir Nasri who counter attacked, making things surely worse than they were when he left the club.

The French midfielder left in a terrible circumstances last summer, and Piers Morgan never forgave him for leaving the club for what he called to be “personal motivation”. According to Nasri, he didn’t leave for City’s money, but for a chance to win the trophy, and it’s exactly there where Morgan, amongst others, attacked him.