Taking the Michael? Owen, yet again, backs Arsenal to fail

Apparently, Michael Owen is a betting man, but if he had put his money where his mouth is in recent years, he would have lost a lot of money due to Arsenal. Because it seems as though every season, the former Liverpool and Man United man predicts that the Gunners will drop out of the top four.

I shouldn’t really be surprised he is at it again, as a Baily Star report shows, but if Arsene Wenger managed to keep the Gunners in the Champions League for all those years when we had no money because of the Emirates stadium, what makes him think it will happen now that the Prof has proper money to spend?

Well, your guess is as good as mine, because he fails to explain the decision, just saying, “Despite the fact that Liverpool have lost the best player in the League and will have European football to contend with next term I still think they will finish above Arsenal in the battle for what I believe is the final Champions League position.”

Fancy a bet, Michael?

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One thought on “Taking the Michael? Owen, yet again, backs Arsenal to fail

  1. Michael owen is a w@nker always was always will be I never could imagine him playing for us in his playing days nor would I want him to, what a tw@

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