The Fall and Rise of Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey has had one of the most interesting careers at Arsenal because he has been one of those players who has made the fans cry with both tears of happiness and tears of anger. The Ramsey of old now seems to have passed long ago, whilst we now find this new multi-talented Aaron Ramsey who some would argue is perhaps the first name on the Gunners’ team sheet.

Aaron Ramsey has had a fantastic start to the season already and the long year is hardly underway. 5 goals in the last six games is impressive form, especially for a midfielder, not to mention he plays as a deep lying midfielder at times during the game.

His vision and awareness to make space for himself and get into important areas is perhaps the main difference behind his improvement. Ramsey has made a real difference to the Arsenal team this season, and he carried this form over from the end of last season as well, in which he was also arguably our best player.

But it hasn’t always been good for the Welshman and he struggled a lot after that horrifying injury sustained at Stoke. Even 2 years on, Ramsey still didn’t look entirely comfortable and he just didn’t have the same talent as before and unfortunately it created a rift in the fans. We got on his back, we all did and there’s no real denial case. Ramsey did not deserve a place at Arsenal, however Wenger persisted with him and once again Le Prof has proved us wrong. In fact Wenger spoke on Ramsey’s form after the game in an interview with the BBC, also picked up on

On whether Ramsey had improved Wenger said: “Definitely, compared to one year ago. What he has achieved is fantastic. His intelligence, his desire to improve and [his] listening. He has a very learning attitude and he has a fantastic engine as well.”

It’s true that fans did write him off this time last year and perhaps what has also given him such confidence in the game is his scoring ability. Ramsey has always had an eye for goal but he’s often struggled to get into good positions or has lacked confidence. But now with his game on a high, Ramsey is certain to show why Wenger was right in saying: “When Ramsey starts scoring, he won’t stop!”

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5 thoughts on “The Fall and Rise of Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey

  1. Ramsey has got a hidden talent but now he’s showing the stuff he’s made of,. I hope he continues this way for long

  2. I never ever doubted his ramsey’s ability. Even when I heard fans swear and curse, I knew it was only a matter of time for him to be the player we all expected him to be. His best is yet to com. Keep it up ramsey

  3. I got sick of telling people what qualified coaches knew- all he needed was time to recover from his bad break and the loss of his hero. All you lot did was make that recovery harder. Learn from it.

  4. I was one of those who screamed at the top of my voice for Ramsey to take a back seat and rightly so. At the time, the team was in a decline and we didn’t never to be experimenting with players but field players with guts to drag us out of the doldrum. I am however glad that he has rediscovered himself but you would also agree with me that his inclusion then had caused us a few games.

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