The truth behind Koscielny’s rise to the top with Arsenal

Laurent Koscielny may not have been fortunate enough to win glory yet with Arsenal in his three years that he has been here, however he certainly has rose to fame as one of the world’s best current defenders.

Starting as a small boy from Tours in France, Koscielny played with fellow Arsenal boy Olivier Giroud before parting ways, with Koscielny joining Lorient. He then joined Arsenal in 2010 and was labelled as a strange signing alongside Sebastian Squillaci, because lets be honest at the time of his signing he was just a faitly unknown Frenchman that Wenger had picked up from Ligue 1.

The French defender’s career also didn’t start to brightly at Arsenal, being sent off on his debut against Liverpool and then being majorly involved in the muck up in the League Cup final against Birmingham City that same season.
A few years on however and suddenly Koscielny finds himself amongst the world’s best and he has revealed all on how his game has changed dramatically and the truth behind his rise to glory.

Koscielny stated, “By nature I’m quite a calm, thoughtful, serene person, maybe that helps me on the pitch not to put too much pressure on myself after I’ve made a mistake. I sense that I’m getting better, improving in several areas. I’m more confident in my tackling. I feel that I’m going in harder. You have to become more aggressive in every domain: your speed, controlling and passing, winning headers, anticipation. In general I’ve gained in physical strength.”

Koscielny is right in saying he has dramatically improved, so much so he is now arguably Arsenal’s best defender. When Koscielny is on the pitch, we are so much calmer and composed, as well as solid in our tackles because he offers pace, a good heading ability as well as the attributes to successfully clear the ball in difficult scenarios. The French defender’s passion shows he is a warrior, much like Vermaelen once was. Ultimately I think Arsenal are very lucky to have Koscielny, especially as he was linked away with moves to Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the summer. Let’s just hope his ability and form can stick with him for the rest of the season because he’s now a very important part of our team.

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2 thoughts on “The truth behind Koscielny’s rise to the top with Arsenal

  1. Koscielny meteoric rise is amazin’,he is a fighter,but should tame his aggressiveness it cost us sometimes.

  2. He still needs improvement. His pairing with Per really is amazing. Can’t wait to see him in this season’s best XI.

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