Thomas Rosicky has earned his call-up to his Euro2012 squad

After his amazing season at Arsenal, one of the best in his careers, midfielder Thomas Rosicky got another confirmation that he did incredible work throughout the season as he was named in the Czech Republics’s EURO 2012 squad.

The Czech Republic is to meet Russia, Greece and Poland in Group A this summer, in what seems to be a very tough and even group. There are going to be quite a lot of Gunners going face to face in Group A, as Rosicky is due to meet Russia’s Arshavin and Poland’s Szczesny, while by game time hopefully the Polish striker Lewandowski could be a Gunner if the rumours are right.

Thomas Rosicky will have to pair up with an enemy in the Czech national team, as Chelsea’s Petr Cech was also called up and will most likely be the first team goalkeeper as the squad will attempt to go through the group stage.

Arsene Wenger has offered those who go to the EURO tournament a prolonged holiday, and has also led us to believe that by the time they will get back quite a few will be changed at the squad and a few fresh faces will be able to be seen around the stadium.

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One thought on “Thomas Rosicky has earned his call-up to his Euro2012 squad

  1. last i heard he was the captain of his country. so i guess he’s pretty highly regarded there already, and didnt need to earn anything.

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