Today’s rubbish Arsenal rumour – Oliver Giroud puts Arsenal on “Red Alert”

I think I could make a regular feature of this as there is usually at least one Arsenal rumour every day that has been conjured up by a simple throwaway statement by some footballer or other, which is then turned into a headline like: “Footballer A is keen on Arsenal transfer”

Well the first entry in this spot comes from today’s Sun, and their extremely far-fetched rumour reports:

ARSENAL are on red alert after French football’s top scorer said he wants to join them.

Montpellier’s Olivier Giroud has 16 goals this term and is rated at £13million.

The France star said: “I like the Frenchy feel at Arsenal.”

That is the WHOLE article, so god knows what context the Frenchman was using this statement, but of course if I was Arsenal I am sure I would be put on “red alert” if I heard a player say something like that, wouldn’t you????

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One thought on “Today’s rubbish Arsenal rumour – Oliver Giroud puts Arsenal on “Red Alert”

  1. Great game by Arsenal yesterday. Walcott and Sagna impressed me particulary, I feel the thing Walcott lacks most is confidence, if he can gain that I think he will hit the back of the net far more in the latter half of this season, he currently looks reluctant to shoot and instead looks to assist

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