UH-OH! Van Persie to DELAY contract talks until after Euros

Arsene Wenger revealed today exactly how confident he was that Robin Van Persie will be staying at Arsenal next season, although one option seemed to be forcing him to play out the last year of his contract if he didn’t re-sign, but whichever way it went, Wenger was convinced that it would be sorted out before the Euro2012 tournament.

But tonight it isn’t quite so clear-cut, and the BBC is headlining with the fact that Robin is now intending to wait until after the big international competition before even starting the talks with Arsenal.

Okay so here are the reasons given for this delay. Arsenal are not yet guaranteed Champions League football next season, and with it being so close it is possible that Arsenal will not know the final finishing positions until after the last game of the season, which is on May 13th against West Brom.

And even then, if Arsenal finish Fourth, then Van Persie will still have to wait until the 19th of May, when Chelsea play the Champions League Final against Bayern Munich.

But the straw that is going to break the camels back, is that Robin himself is set to meet up with his Holland team-mates for a pre-Euro 2012 training camp on the 17th of May (in Switzerland).

The BBC also add, worryingly, that the extra time will give RVP time to assess how Arsenal are doing in their transfer dealings – and that may be the clincher…..

How long does it take for Van Persie and Wenger to have a cup of coffee and a chat????

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  1. zdzis says:

    It’s possible, yes, but it could actually blow up his chances of getting more out of Arsenal. What if he catches an injury at the Euros? What if his goal draught continues? His price would drop, as would his contract.

  2. Born Gunner says:

    R.V.P is representing fans frustrations ..He is Testing The club’s Ambition To win trophies.He want to make sure some quality signing is made to compete for the title .AW has no choice;do some quality signings unlike the past,,R.V.P is gonna stay forever..

  3. AJ says:

    ‘How long does it take for Van Persie and Wenger to have a cup of coffee and a chat????’

    That is actually the problem. Wenger only talks, chats whatever. No action at all.

  4. Yousuf says:

    I think Robin should stay at FC Arsenal. He is in form of his life and winning awards with Arsenal & Wenger is in transfer market early this time. Podolski will be a gunner next season & i hope we make 2 or 3 more quality signings.

    Arsene wenger & Arsenal were with Robin when we was constantly injured and on bench. Finally when he is playing and is in form of his life, he wants to leave ? He wants to wait until Euros ? It makes me sick…….. In the end i dont care about these players anymore, FC Arsenal is bigger than any player. In FC Arsenal, I trust..

  5. Mike the max says:

    Anyone who believes this story is mad. Some half wit self seeking w**k**r chelsea fan seeking to upset our run in and unity. Before everyone here goes slashing their wrists at the boards failure yet again. Please remember RVP our captain and inspiration is not a slave but a contracted professional and if he wishes to leave he will and there is nothing anyone can do other than increase our offer. For the last six years we have lost players we wanted to keep but that’s life. What is for sure is that Arsenal is bigger than RVP and all the greats that left in the past six years. I would love to see captain Vantastic stay another four years in the job. If he doesn’t and leaves us it will be his loss. Us fans will continue to support and the team will be better next year, just as it has been this year. Arsenal quality is not just one man wether its a player or the manager.

  6. goon124 says:

    One good thing though… i am desensitised to the whole transfer window after so many turbulent years under wenger… what ever happens we are all ready for it!

    If he goes… damn! Its a shame, but we lost cesc, nasri, henry … the list goes quite far back.

    It will be interesting, because the fan reaction will be massively intense, i mean there were fights and protests this year… huge calls to change things, especially to not let our top players leave.

    So to lose van would be massive and i would be interested to see the reaction… you would think, even though its evident that the board don’t care, but you would think they cannot afford to keep alienating the fan-base… lose top players and get some early bad results and there will be full scale rioting!!

  7. razzaray says:

    i think give him a take it or leave it early. then take it out of his hands buy putting him up to the highest bidder. Don’t leave it til the end of transfer window. i really want him to stay but this season is his only good one and we have supported him through seasons of mediocracy and injuries. then a good season comes and if puts the fans through this all again. please wenger buy big then sell him on. we only want players who wants us. we dont deserve this again

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